Shades of Blue season 3 episode 6 review: Are Harlee, Woz without help?

Shades of Blue
What happened on Shades of Blue season 3 episode 6? Well, the action started with Harlee Santos realizing that she needed to act quickly. Last week, she made the big move in bringing in Bennett — she crossed that blue line, and over the course of the episode tonight, she dealt with some serious pushback.

How bad did it get? Basically, she ignited a war within the NYPD, one that was made all the more complicated when Harlee realized that she didn’t have the testimony in order to keep Bennett behind bars anymore. That left her in part scrambling — she did have the support of Woz, but unfortunately, that only goes so far since he cannot exactly detain people on his own.

At the end of the episode, we got a pretty good sense as to how far Woz and Harlee were willing to go in order to ensure that intelligence was taken down a notch: Finding a warehouse with Ramsey’s name attached to it and going on an off-the-grid investigation into it. If they could accrue enough evidence here, they could guarantee that they would be able to find themselves in a fairly stable place where they could actually be believed. As we’ve seen with this show and this world, you need a lot of evidence in order to prove that someone with a badge is a bad guy.

So what did the infiltration into the warehouse yield? At first, it didn’t seem to be much since Harlee and the team couldn’t find much of anything that they were looking for. Woz ended up finding the dock, but some of their plans started to quickly fall apart. Something just felt off, and a text message Harlee got was proof of that. Gunfire started to go off minutes after that. That was a pretty clear sign that she and the rest of the team were in danger — and that they were clearly onto something.

Who was firing the bullets? That’s something that is worth questioning given that Harlee’s group eventually ran into Woz’s, but they didn’t see the source of the bullets. They barricaded themselves together and following that, Harlee realized that the backup she had called for wasn’t exactly coming. This is, alas, what happens when you cross the blue wall.

The episode tonight concluded with the reveal that there is Intelligence on the outside of the barricade and clearly, we’re on the cusp of the biggest shootout yet.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Shades of Blue season 3 episode 6 showcased precisely what happens when the police department is really doing battle against itself. While we wouldn’t say that this was 100% the most shocking episode of the season (it’s hard to top what came before), it’s clear that there was a lot of great content nonetheless.

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