Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Brett, Winston’s last-ditch effort (day 30, morning)

BrettTonight marks the third Big Brother 20 eviction show, and by the end of the episode either Brett or Winston could be sent home from the game. Yet, will they? For the time being, it seems like Winston is gone despite what Kaitlyn and others are hoping with the new Man-Eaters women’s alliance.

So what is their last hope today? It really comes down to them making a pitch to Sam to try to get her to use some sort of power that she has. They really haven’t spent enough time schmoozing and talking to her, and they better act quickly over the next few hours if they want there to be a chance that this happens. We don’t think there’s a huge chance of this happening tonight, but you never know. The once incentive that Sam has to use it is that it’s possible someone could go home next week who is not aligned with her at all, and then it will have been a complete waste. She’s at least on the same side of the house as the Level 6 alliance, even if she’s not a formal part of it.

With all of this said, we’re fine to see Winston go. We’ve had quite the emotional journey with the bro — we hated him and his milk-toast, Corey-esque CBS bio. Then, we really loved him in his pre-game interviews to the point that we, like so many others in the fandom, picked him to win. All of that changed come premiere night and we’ve been wiping the egg off our face ever since. We also just think that Brett’s going to be a much better player with him gone since he won’t have Winston dragging him down. That’s not all Winston’s fault; in general, having an obviously alliance with someone can be rather problematic. We’ve, ironically, already seen two people go home this season in Steve and Swaggy C who were in this position.

What’s also notable at the moment is that Brett has correctly figured out that Bayleigh probably has the final App Store power, knowing that Jessica got one after Cody went home last week. It only makes sense that we would also end up seeing Bayleigh get one after Swaggy C’s exit.

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