Code Black season 3 episode 13 (finale) review: Saviors in many forms

Code Black season 3 episode 13Tonight, Code Black season 3 episode 13 aired on CBS … and it’s still hard to process that emotionally. This was, at least for the time being, the series finale. We have to treat it as such just because we don’t know what the future could hold.

The series had a lot of different loose threads that it had to resolve over the course of this episode, whether it be Noa being in crisis, the state of Ethan Willis, and Leanne doing whatever she could in order to adopt Ariel. Yet, much of these issues had to be put aside in order to take care of a hospital in crisis. Angels Memorial almost fell to pieces in the finale for many different reasons, with a plane crashing into a higher floor being the terrible icing on the cake.

Yet, so many of our favorite characters did everything that they could to help, and despite everything that happened, there were some moments of happiness. For Leanne, she was ready to give the judge hell in order to ensure that she kept Ariel. Her speech in the closing minutes was incredible — what a performance by Marcia Gay Harden in those moments. We could also say the same thing commending Rob Lowe as Willis, despite being haunted by his brother and underdoing a psych hold, learning to let go. He finally broke down his walls and told Rox that he needed her to help save him. This moment, this vulnerability, was all she needed to hear.

Leanne ended up getting custody of Ariel, Ethan and Rox have a future together, and even Ethan’s father seems to be back in the picture. Meanwhile, Noa has a future with Mario in Los Angeles, if she wants it — she expressed uncertainly as to whether or not she still wanted to take the internship in Philadelphia, especially after everything she went through. Earlier in the episode, she found herself the victim of sexual assault from Diego’s father.

There was a lot that transpired this week, but all of it managed to come together by the end.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Code Black season 3 closed things off with an episode about a different sort of bravery: The bravery to open up your heart. On the other side of crises, how do you recover, and how do you really care for yourself? It’s so much more than putting on a coat or a set of scrubs in the hospital. It’s about the multiple versions and ways you can save a life and it told a story about being a savior like no other.

In between the stirring monologues, the sharp writing, and the well-placed cover of Five for Fighting’s “Superman” throughout the final act, the Code Black finale may be one of TV’s best of 2018 so far. If this is the end, what a way to go out.

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