Big Brother 20 episode 7 review: Yell reviews and Veto Meeting drama

Big Brother 20 premiereTonight, Big Brother 20 episode 7 brought a number of important game-related segments … but then also someone yelling repeatedly at Rachel as a result of her punishment.

We’ll admit that the guy yelling at Rachel was surprisingly more entertaining than we expected it to be. It actually was so much easier than the Hamazon punishment last year, though, mostly because it involved just having to deal with some hilarious verbal abuse. Rachel had been more or less irrelevant for the past few episodes going into this, so being screamed at may actually be her big claim to fame at the moment more so than anything else. She was a good sport about it, but that doesn’t exactly mean that we’re on board with her as a player this season right now.

Interestingly, the yell guy was actually a much bigger player in the game in this episode than Jessica and Cody, who showed up to host one of the shadiest Veto Competitions we’ve seen in quite some time. There were snide remarks aplenty about former houseguests in here, and then also shout-outs to players we weren’t sure would ever get references on the show again. Tyler won this in fairly-narrow fashion, and that set up the big strategy sessions that followed. Kaitlyn was intent on nominating Swaggy as a replacement nominee and this, in turn, led to Rockstar being upset and starting to express to others how worried she is about the game Tyler is playing.

The main event, yelling and everything aside, was seeing how Swaggy C was going to react to being nominated at the Veto Ceremony. That was one of the few things that we didn’t see on the live feeds going into the episode. At the meeting everything went according to plan, but what was interesting was that Faysal seemed to clue him in that it was coming in the seconds leading up to it. Kaitlyn cried her way through the Ceremony … and that kind of made the whole thing stink because nobody could get that angry at a crying person. We also didn’t get much of a justification on the show as to why the nomination happened.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Big Brother 20, at least in terms of people trying to play the game, is absolutely one of the best editions of the show that we’ve seen in a while. You’ve got some interesting characters and some of the twists are at least turning out to be entertaining. We just wish the Veto meeting was better.

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