Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Is Kaitlyn flipping? Does it matter? (day 21)

If there is one thing that has always worked in Swaggy C’s favor within the Big Brother 20 house, it is this: Kaitlyn is Head of Household. Ironically, that’s the same thing that also worked against him. She is the sort of person who can be easily influenced depending on what is said to her and mere days after nominating Swaggy, he has her considering whether or not she made the right move. She also seems to have this sort of terrible perspective on what it means for someone to “owe” other people things.

Basically, Kaitlin’s thinking now is that if she helps fight to save Swaggy, he and everyone on his side is going to thank her and not target her — which, of course, would be happening in the event that she didn’t vote out Steve last week. She’d be putting herself in the same position she once was except even more at the bottom and with Tyler’s side of the house being even more upset at her. We don’t think she would be anyone’s #1 target moving forward but it’s pretty darn clear that there are people who would want her out.

Tyler is especially unhappy with the idea of her wanting out Swaggy, largely because A) he’s invested so much in this plan already and B) he knows that Rockstar and others will target him this week no matter what happens. Kaitlyn’s been pretty attached to Tyler much of the week, but if she really wants to save Swaggy her best hope is to probably go to Sam and beg her to consider keeping him. Otherwise, it’s hard to imagine that it’s going to happen. (She holds the tiebreaker, so she really would just need to flip one vote.)

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About the boyfriend drama

We know that Kaitlyn’s boyfriend has issued a statement basically saying that he wants to pull his release and not have himself mentioned on the show anymore. Yet, it’s hard to know if that will happen. We could talk about this more, but honestly it’s a little uncomfortable to discuss family members or significant others of houseguests. While we’re sure he talked with Kaitlyn about the show before going on, he didn’t sign up for this particular brand of drama. Therefore, we want to focus more on this that are said and done within the perspective of the game.

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