Could a MasterChef All-Stars ever happen at Fox?

MasterChef season 8 episode 17At this point, it’s pretty clear that Fox has more or less no problem when it comes to expanding the MasterChef brand. There is already, after all, a MasterChef Junior out there, and we’ve seen them fool around with other concepts beyond just that.

For the sake of this article, though, the question that we’re wondering is this: Could there ever be a MasterChef All-Stars attempted in the future, one featuring twenty or so contestants from past seasons competing for a second chance at the title? We do think there’s an exciting sort of merit to it as a way in which to feature some of the great cooks we came to see on the show over the years, one who fell just short or ones that are extremely memorable. A big part of what has made this series so popular over the years has been the personalities — there are, after all, other venues to watch Gordon Ramsay, and this show is about the feeling of seeing some of these home cooks see their dreams come true. Isn’t there merit in seeing some familiar faces again?

While the idea is promising, there are two clear issues we see with it, as well. For starters, there is the simple issue of losing some of that aspirational quality in an all-star season. By the time this season happens, many “home cooks” from past seasons may be making a living off their food; with that, the entire premise of the show changes and it becomes a little more like Top Chef. Also, we wouldn’t want it to replace a flagship season in the summer. It feels like one of those ideas to air on Fridays in the fall or the spring.

For the record, we do think that there’s also some appeal in doing an all-winners season, but that would probably just be something akin to a six-week television event as opposed to a full season.

Do we think that an all-star MasterChef will happen? Not at the moment, but we also never thought that an all-star edition of Hell’s Kitchen would, either. At present, all cards feel like they are on the table.

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