MasterChef season 9 episode 8: What lies ahead?

MasterChef season 9Is MasterChef season 9 episode 8 new tonight on Fox? It makes sense to wonder that question, largely because of the fact that the show has such momentum going for it right now and with that in mind, it makes sense that there would be some enthusiasm for more.

However, that’s not what we are getting. Instead, there is no new episode tonight, with the reasoning for that being relatively simple in that today marks the Fourth of July! Fox as a network does not want to have to deal with the competition that comes with many of its viewers being off doing other things, so they are choosing instead to give everyone the week off so that they can come back down the road for more. The series returns on Wednesday, July 11 with new episodes, and at the center of one of them is going to be a challenge in which some of the remaining home cooks have to cook in one of the most intimidating settings possible: A wedding.

What does that entail? Basically, they have to handle the pressure of making someone else’s special day important with a wide array of different dishes. Of course, we do wonder why someone would want their wedding featured on MasterChef … and then we start to think about it. Maybe you are your special someone are both huge Gordon Ramsay fans and the idea of him officiating your ceremony is too good to pass up. Or, maybe you just like a production company helping to pay for your wedding, since we like to think that the bride and groom are at least getting that out of the arrangement. Why wouldn’t they? It seems like a part of what would make this a good deal for them. It helps to compensate for the potentially-questionable dishes, the arguing, and Gordon kicking off someone from their post of Team Captain so that he can do it himself.

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