MasterChef season 9 episode 7 review: Did an early favorite go home?

MasterChef season 8 episode 17Moving into MasterChef season 9 episode 7, there was a lot of hype surrounding a possible stunning elimination that was set to take place. For most of the episode, we actually did think that this was possible.

Yet, at the end of the day, we saw the elimination of someone in Alecia, who has been in some danger before on the show and was the first person to be sent home from Aaron Sanchez’s team. As for the reason why she was sent home, it all had to do with too much sugar on her churros.

As a full, this episode of MasterChef was constructed in a way that is fairly similar to many others. You had a Mystery Box challenge themed around a single ingredient, and then following that an elimination challenge in which the mystery box winner had a lot of sway as to precisely what happened. In this case, we saw Cesar do everything that he could an order to slow down Bowen, who he considers to be an enormous threat. That is why he chose churros in the first place. He thought that it may be something that Bowen didn’t have a lot of experience making and could trip him up. As it turns out, he was right. Bowen did not have the proper technique in order to deliver these, and found himself in the bottom two. It just wasn’t enough to send him home in the end.

This is where, at least in part, having a good resume on this show can go a long way. Because Bowen showed previously that he was a fairly skilled cook, that did help him in some capacity stick around here. The performance of Alecia also played a role. This entire elimination challenge stemmed in part around the World Cup, even if by and large it mostly existed so that Fox could plug some of their own coverage and bring out Alexi Lalas just to remind everyone to watch. Ultimately, it was fairly funny that Fox was plugging this given that not only is America not in the World Cup this year, but neither are two of the other places that the judges were representing in Italy and Scotland. Aaron technically is the only one whose home is in contention!

In going back to the Mystery Box challenge, there was a little bit of entertainment that came out of seeing walnuts used as a primary ingredient. Who doesn’t love walnuts? It’s the sort of thing that everyone munches on, but nobody really thinks to make a dish being around them. we’ve said this before and we will certainly say it again. Some of our favorite competitions on MasterChef are the ones that actually do emphasize creativity.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we do give the producers some credit for their hustle. They did make us think for at least a split-second that Bowen was going home, and the World Cup promotion was at least well time, even if it was pretty obvious cross-promotion.

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