This Is Us season 3: Mandy Moore previews an emotional ride ahead

This Is Us season 3Even though we have to wait until the fall to see what the writers have in store for This Is Us‘s the Pearson family, star and matriarch Mandy Moore has given us a hint at what is ahead via TV Guide.

Take a look at her tease below:

“I would say buckle up. There is going to be some great stuff unfolding in Season 3. I am really, really excited for everyone — for Beth, for Toby, like their own stories, learning more about everybody, getting a fuller picture of who jack and Rebecca were when they first started dating, who Jack was during the Vietnam War. It’s going to be good. I feel like it’s our most ambitious — but it’s going to be the best season yet.”
While she might not have said a lot, she did in so many words. It’s going to be a bumpy ride this season and Moore has hinted at this season being a big one for Beth and Toby. We know from the Season 2 finale that Toby is going to relapse into his depression, and Kate is going to be by his side. The emotional and stressful situation that is going to be for her is unthinkable; however, if anyone can help Toby through this it’s Kate. On a separate note, this will bring to light an issue that many people struggle with and a condition that is serious. For Toby, whatever has made him relapse back into his depressed state is something that is obviously that will be a big focus during Season 3.
As for Beth, fans have been suspecting for awhile that something is going to happen to her, even though Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth, confirmed that Beth will be fine during Season 3. However, some fans still aren’t convinced. We know she won’t die, but many still believe we are heading down an emotional road.
We are also excited to see what we will discover about Jack and Rebecca. We know them to be two people who are happy and in love, but we also know that there are secrets yet to be told. We are aware that something happened to Jack during the Vietnam War and it has greatly impacted him. It also relates to his brother, who fans believed died in the war. However, with Kevin heading to Vietnam, we are now not so sure.
What we do know is that everyone should have an extra box of tissues next to them while watching Season 3. For more news related to This Is Us, be sure to visit this link.
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