This Is Us season 3: Susan Kelechi Watson assures fans Beth won’t be killed

Randall and Beth -After Season 2 of This Is Us ended there were still many questions left unanswered and one of those was who is “her”. In a flash-forward featuring old Randall (Sterling K. Brown), he was seen mysteriously telling adult Tess (Iantha Richardson), “It’s time to go see her.” When Tess replied, “I’m not ready,” Randall agreed: “I’m not either.” This immediately made fans believe that it was Beth that they were talking about, and based off of the conversation many believed that she had died and they didn’t want to go to her grave. However, Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth, is telling us this isn’t the case.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Watson says she didn’t think it was her.

“I didn’t know that I was going to die. It didn’t even cross my mind, so when I saw people tweeting about it, writing articles about it, I was like, ‘Oh, they’re kidding!’ My first thought was, ‘Oh, this is hilarious.” And then people really took it seriously…I still think there’s mystery there, and I understand why. Dan would like us to keep it there, so I’m going to stay away from it! That’s as much as I can say.”

Watson did reveal that she and the rest of the cast know the mystery behind who “her”, but Watson isn’t giving any hints as to who it is.

“I know who the person is that future-Randall is referring to, but Fogelman would cut off my big toe if I actually told you who it was. But I can tell you it’s probably not what you suspect. In classic Fogelman style, it will be like, ‘Oh, wow — didn’t see that coming.’”

What Watson did give us hints about was the drama that will unfold in Season 3 regarding moments fans saw in the Season 2 finale. If fans will recall, major future moments were revealed, including the moment mentioned above and Kevin and Beth’s cousin, Zoe, flying to Vietnam together after Kevin found an old picture of Jack and his brother, Nick. The two also appeared to be an item. Watson hints at the drama this may create given that Kevin isn’t Beth’s favorite person after he was arrested driving her daughter around.

In addition, to this new couple, Watson revealed that fans will learn more about her immediate family and background this season, which we can’t wait for. We love the character of Beth and explore who she is and how she came to be the way she is will be exciting to watch, in our opinion. Finally, Season 3 will continue to show Beth and Randall’s rocky relationship with Deja and after what she did to Randall’s car in the Season 2 finale, things are going to continue to be rough.

This Is Us debuts Season 3 this fall on NBC. For more new related to This Is Us, be sure to visit this link.

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