Salvation season 2 episode 1 review: Meet the new Vice President

Salvation season 2 episode 1
Moving into Salvation season 2 episode 1, it was clear that life was never going to be the same for Grace and Darius. After all, the public was starting to become aware of the impending nuclear attack, and with that the fate of many was left dangling in the air.

The episode opened (save for some of the dream sequences, anyway) with Grace trapped in a hangar with many other people trying to ensure that everyone within was okay. What she couldn’t quite anticipate was that matters on the outside would be anywhere near as chaotic as they were. Yet, here we are watching some of these characters deal with precisely that sort of stress. The hangar was sabotaged and, beyond that, another surprise awaited us — Darius having an opportunity to be Vice President. Just as we were seeing lives in crisis, the institution of the United States Government was in just as much danger.

The first major twist, at least for us, came at about the 45-minute mark when Grace finally confronted Darius about confessing her feelings towards him — yet, he wasn’t quite ready to reciprocate. That’s what happens when you are appointed to a high position in government and also tasked with stopping a nuclear warhead. That’s what he was trying to do for the bulk of episode — adjust to his new role, but then also handle the responsibility that comes with it.

Luckily, there was a breakthrough: Liam was able to hack his way into the missile system, meaning that the good guys could stop anything terrible from happening before it did. There was also tension when it comes to Darius’ potential appointment — most notably Harris questioning the decision to give him that level of power.

In the end, the responsibilities within this episode were threefold: Finding a way in which to introduce Darius in to his new position, introduce a mystery when it comes to the sabotage at the ark hangar, and, beyond that, the aftermath of his first speech. He wasn’t exactly conventional in his approach to handling the process, which is why he came forward with a message that it was a “scary time” in the country. The asteroid is still the looming threat in the future, and he was ready to take on the challenges of the present. Darius was a pretty good politician for a guy who claimed he didn’t want the job!

It was in watching that speech that everyone started to have a little more confidence in Darius — even Harris on some level.

The surprises at the end of the episode

For starters, Liam ran into quite a surprise — maybe not everyone is dead. Speaking of dead people still playing a role, we also saw that Grace was being haunted by Claire. Add all of this to a potential coup for the position of President, and there is a lot bubbling underneath the surface for the rest of the season.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, the Salvation season 2 premiere was an interesting exercise of men and women in various stages of panic, and also how to prepare for many more bad things to come. We almost wish that there were two hours tonight so we could dive into all of this a little bit more.

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