The Good Doctor season 2 spotlight: What’s next for Dr. Glassman?

The Good Doctor season 2What could be coming up for Dr. Aaron Glassman on The Good Doctor season 2? While a part of his story may be obvious, that doesn’t mean that’s all there is.

At the end of season 1 of the series, the character was diagnosed with cancer, and in the midst of his devastation and his willingness to give up, Shaun Murphy found a way in which to help him — a risky procedure that could give him a new lease on life. While there’s no guarantee that Glassman will be okay after the surgery, there’s at least a chance, and that brings us to our list of suggestions for the character moving forward.

1. Some of his stumbling blocks – There’s a reasonably good chance at a time jump between seasons, so by the time the premiere airs, it’s certainly possible that Glassman will be back at work. Yet, glossing over the problems that he went through isn’t the right story to tell here. There does still need to be an element of struggle to this character and we want to see him going through some of that. Focus his story on his recovery and also how he may be pushing himself too far to get better.

2. Explore more romance – This was touched on briefly at the end of season 1, with Aaron finding a connection with the St. Bonaventure Hospital barista. Why not explore that further? There’s a lot of fun that we could find in any sort of relationship he has given that the right woman can help get Dr. Glassman out of his shell and convince him to explore new interests and sides of himself that he hadn’t considered beforehand. Also, it gives him more reason to keep fighting.

3. Relationships with other doctors – As much as we enjoy the scenes between Richard Schiff and Freddie Highmore, we’d love to see more individual discussions with some other actors on the show, as well. These will help to unify the ensemble even more and offer more insight as to how some other doctors feel about him. That’s very important to the overall direction of the character long-term.

4. Life outside of the hospital – While we understand that this is a hospital drama and so much of the action needs to be set there, we do still have an interest in exploring some characters’ lives outside these walls. What do they look like? Hopefully, the series will spend some time exploring that, especially with a man like Dr. Glassman.

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