The Good Doctor season 2 spotlight: The future for Dr. Shaun Murphy

The Good DoctorWhat could be coming up for Freddie Highmore and his character of Dr. Shaun Murphy on The Good Doctor season 2? Over this particular show spotlight article, we come bearing some ideas!

Moving into season 2, the story for Shaun is pretty simple: He needs to figure out where he stands within the St. Bonaventure Hospital in the aftermath of what happened with Dr. Aaron Glassman at the end of season 1. We know that the character has been diagnosed with cancer and that he is undergoing a serious procedure in order to start the healing process. At the start of season 2, we do want to see Shaun continuing to wrestle with that and figure out what sort of doctor he is aside from everything that Dr. Glassman has done for him. He’ll have to operate more without a mentor and also handle that sort of press hanging over him.

Of course, with this in mind, we do want to see some other excellent stories moving into season 2 with Highmore and Richard Schiff working together. Both are incredible in their roles and beyond that, the scenes of Shaun learning how to comfort him in the finale were incredible. Shaun is a person Glassman can open up to more because he’s pure and carries no malicious intent — he may be blunt, but he isn’t going to be out to screw him over. With Shaun, he should already know by now that he can talk to Aaron.

As for the other relationships in Shaun’s life, seeing Lea come back and watching their relationship develop is high on the priority list; yet, it can’t come too fast. Shaun is someone who needs to encounter and deal with speed bumps and there are still many that would come in a relationship like this. There’s a difference between knowing you have feelings for someone and then being able to care for him; he is capable of being an incredible boyfriend and eventually more for her, but we do have to expect that it’s going to take some time. If Lea is patient and Shaun isn’t stubborn, maybe they can get there.

Finally, we expect more drama with Shaun and the other members of the hospital staff. For example, are we going to see a further rivalry form with Shaun and Morgan, or will things cool off here? We find ourselves entering season 2 feeling like it’s somewhat of a double-edged sword for Shaun. We want him to be happy, but for the sake of great conflict and performances from the cast, he want him to have trouble. That’s a bizarre relationship that comes with being a TV fan.

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