The Good Doctor season 2: How will the series resolve Dr. Glassman cliffhanger?

The Good Doctor season 2Moving into The Good Doctor season 2, how is the show planning to resolve the situation with Dr. Glassman? There are many questions that we have leading into the fall, but this is one that is top of our list.

The good news is that it doesn’t look as though The Good Doctor writers are altogether interested in writing Richard Schiff out of the show. The Dr. Glassman character is likely still going to have a role to come, and with a possible time jump in mind, we’re probably going to see him on the other side of some of his early treatment when the show returns. It gives the series a venue to keep him around the hospital either as a patient at the St. Bonaventure Hospital or hopefully back working there in some capacity. We don’t want to see the character separated too much from the rest of his family.

We don’t think that Glassman is going to die at any point in season 2, largely because much of the appeal with the show is his relationship with Shaun. The development of that is what has us tuning in week after week and making the summer feel eternally long as we wait for new episodes. A part of what makes this relationship interesting is that Shaun benefits heavily from a routine; yet, seeing Dr. Glassman within such a state is probably going to throw a sense of chaos into Shaun’s life. He’s probably not going to be able to go to him fulfill some of the same needs that he did in the past.

In the premiere, we imagine that the table is going to be set when it comes to Dr. Glassman, his health, and his treatment plan. Following that, the rest of the drama can start to materialize a little bit more. Structurally, we don’t anticipate that his condition is going to impact the main structure of The Good Doctor all that much.

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What do you want to see on The Good Doctor season 2, and how do you imagine that the series is going to resolve the cliffhanger from the first season? Share in the comments!

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