Grey’s Anatomy season 15: How will series resolve Teddy cliffhanger?

Grey's Anatomy season 14The cliffhanger that we are facing entering Grey’s Anatomy season 15 is certainly a different one that we’ve seen from the past. In this case, it’s not because of a major character having their life on the line. Instead, we are talking here about Teddy’s revelation that she is pregnant — and, in turn, the ripple effect that is likely going to come as a result of that.

How can the show resolve this? Well, the truth here is that this is not the sort of situation with a quick outcome. This is the sort of situation that you need to address over the course of your entire life. If Owen is the father of Teddy’s unborn child (which seems likely), he’s going to want to be there for her. Meanwhile, she in turn is going to want to have him around. They do have many personal differences that they will need to address, but they may be able to do so for the sake of this baby. It’s a delicate situation — we know that Owen has always wanted to be a father, but like this? Not exactly.

We do hope that no matter what the two characters figure out, any conflict that is there is resolved within the first couple of episodes. After all, remember that Owen and Amelia both have been in the adoption process as of late and that is also a part of their story. Really, the #1 reason we want much of this resolved early is that we want to see these characters put their best feet forward — Grey’s Anatomy may be a drama, but it doesn’t need to have a love triangle between Teddy, Owen, and Amelia. Also, we’re happy about the fact that there are many positive examples of co-parenting that Owen can look towards. Just look at Jackson, or even what Callie and Arizona went through. (While they may not be on the show anymore, he could still hypothetically call them.)

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