Grey’s Anatomy season 15 spotlight: What’s next for Owen Hunt?

Grey's Anatomy season 13 episode 23 reviewOver the course of the next several Thursdays we’re going to be offering up some speculation on the future in the form of Grey’s Anatomy season 15 character spotlights! With a cast this large and with there being so many possibilities, we feel like these articles will keep up rather busy leading up to the premiere this fall.

Today, we’re putting the focus on a man in Owen Hunt (played by Kevin McKidd) who has taken on an increasingly active role in the story ever since the death of Derek on the show. This past season was especially eventful for him. In the early part of the season, he had to contend with the return of his sister Megan back into his world. He had to figure out a way to help her, and then following that, contend with his wife Amelia’s brain tumor. His marriage fell apart, but a relationship persisted. At times the two were still romantic, but there weren’t too many strings attached for much of it … at least until the adoption storyline kicked into high gear and they decided to both care for a teenage mother and her kid.

It’s of course at this point, right when we’d start to get a sense as to what Owen’s new life would be, that something else would come in and completely shake things up. That’s happening in the form of Teddy’s pregnancy.

Moving forward into season 15, one of the biggest things that we want to see for Owen is him taking this on head-on and being firm in his decision. Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t need to be doing love triangles in 2018, and with that we’re not altogether interested in vacillating between Teddy and Amelia as possible romantic partners. He can have a baby with Teddy and still raise a family with Amelia … if they really decide to commit to something, as well. We do want to see that moving forward, mostly because they’ve had the time now to get to know each other better — plus, it seems as though with adoption, they have conquered some of their biggest relationship hurdles.

Beyond Owen’s family life, one of the things we’d like to see for him is his own major medical storyline, whether it be him getting closer to a patient or coming up with his own innovation. We saw stories this past season for Meredith, Jo, Jackson, and others that were more career-based; after spending most of season 14 dealing with Owen’s family, wouldn’t it be nice to see him shine more in this realm?

Finally, we think that Owen’s one of the most interesting candidates for a Station 19 crossover because he’s a big, physical guy, and could be useful to that crew in many different situations. We’d explore that, and maybe have a reunion-of-sorts between him and Ben Warren.

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