Chicago Fire season 7: Should there be a new Cruz love interest?

Joe CruzMrs. Carter: What could be coming up when it comes to Joe Cruz and his romantic life over the course of Chicago Fire season 7?

When you think about characters on Chicago Fire who are very much deserving of love, Of course Cruz is fairly high up on the list. This is a guy with a huge heart, a desire to help others at every turn, and is often a source of comedic relief. He’s one of those characters you just smile the moment that he walks onto the screen and he’s had his fair share of relationships.

With that being said, Cruz has also had his fair share of heartbreak. There was even some of that on this past season both in terms of a high school sweetheart and also some of the feelings that he was still harboring for Brett. In the finale, it did seem as though Cruz got a little bit of closure when it comes to Sylvie, and he started to realize more and more that she just wasn’t in the same place as him. He may want to be with Brett, but sometimes things just aren’t reciprocated and he understood that.

This is where things get a little bit more challenging when determining what the character’s future should be. There’s a part of me that loves the idea of Brett and Cruz being together, just as there’s also a part of me that roots endlessly for Brettonio. Part of what does make the story with Brett and Cruz so interesting, though, is that it is taking on a story that isn’t a part of television all that much — unrequited love. Sometimes in life, this just happens and you can’t get back what you once had.

With that in mind, it almost feels like the best thing that Chicago Fire could do when it comes to the future of Joe Cruz is quite simple: Come up with a new love interest for him, someone who is unattached to another character and someone who will love him in a way that is fully reciprocated. The best Cruz love interest in someone who is full of life, energetic, and will be willing to challenge him. Maybe it could be whoever is brought in as a new paramedic as a replacement for Brett, though I also don’t think it needs to be someone in the firehouse.

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