Chicago Fire season 7: How will firehouse adjust without Dawson?

Gabriela DawsonWhat’s going to be coming up on Chicago Fire season 7 in the wake of losing Gabriela Dawson from the mix? Anticipate some change when it comes to the workforce at Firehouse 51.

When it comes to Casey’s private life, we feel like we’ve already written a good bit on that subject. However, what we haven’t touched on as much is how Dawson’s departure could end up impacting life at Firehouse 51 in some rather-dramatic ways.

For starters, the obvious outcome of this is that it means that Brett is going to need a new paramedic partner. What do you do from here? You can try to train someone who is a part of the firehouse already to slide into that role, and in some ways that makes some sense given that you would allow a little more continuity and you don’t have to introduce someone new.

Yet, we think that this is one of those instances in which it behooves the series to bring in someone new. For starters, the series can use another notable female character with Dawson gone, and it would be nice if this character brings with her a different voice than what you’re getting from elsewhere among the cast. We don’t think that they need to be a love interest for anyone — they could already be married with a family of their own — but just having a new energy within 51 would be valuable.

Beyond just this, you also need to find a way to replace some of the friendships that Dawson had with other members of 51. She and Severide, for example, worked together fairly often, and she absolutely had great relationships with other people within the team. Whoever the show introduces should be driven but also warm, outcoming, and setup in a way where we like them before introducing conflict. That’s one of the problems with characters like Cordova, who are set up to be a heel almost right away — once you establish some sort of negative perception around a character, it can be extremely difficult to get that turned back around.

Eventually, we do think life will go on at Firehouse 51, but Dawson’s exit is probably going to be felt for a while. Even with a typical One Chicago time jump, we do still think that it’s something that will play a part in the story for at least the near future.

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