Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 4 review: How was Denis Leary’s debut?

Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 5What happened on Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 4 can be described in rather simple terms: Dangerous. This is an episode that reset the game in so many different ways, especially when it comes to establishing a new key player in Billy.

Just over the midway point of the episode, we were introduced to Denis Leary as this new character, a man who proclaimed himself to be Deran’s father and was back to spend some time with him. With that being said, we knew so much better than to take the guy at his word … especially when it felt clear that he showed up just because of the fact that Smurf was behind bars. He and his female companion ended up hanging around the house for a little while, and at the end of the episode we ended up seeing her in particular make herself more than comfortable at the house.

While not every member of the Cody family remembered the guy, those who did knew enough to know that he was bad news and keeping him around was a bad choice. That was a concern fully echoed by Smurf a little bit later in the episode when the news was revealed to her by J that Billy had turned up. Unfortunately, at this point it may be a little bit too late…

If there’s good news for the Cody family, it’s that they’ve managed to make it through their latest job in one piece and without enough substantial proof for anyone to lock them up. They can celebrate that while feeling very much concerned over the future.

There are some other external concerns here, as well, mostly in that Nicky is starting to find herself questioning, understandably, whether or not this is a world she wants to continue to have a part in. While she’s been a part of it for a while now, it’s definitely still early enough for her to be able to escape it … if that’s what she chooses, at the very least. This is an interesting little substory that could play out over the coming weeks.

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CarterMatt Verdict

It would’ve been nice to have a little more Billy over the course of the episode, but we are reasonably satisfied with what we got from a story point of view. Animal Kingdom season 3 has created a pretty interesting series of plots at this point, and in all honesty we’re rather surprised that Smurf is still behind bars. Given that we’re four episodes in, it felt like the writers would’ve busted her out at this point.

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