Supergirl season 3 finale review: A night of many departures

Supergirl season 3 finaleThere were so many questions entering the Supergirl season 3 finale on Monday night, and we’re happy to report that one of them was addressed right away — even though he wasn’t onscreen, Superman did have a role to play helping those in need. It was referenced briefly but then after that, the main order of business resumed: All of our heroes struggled to keep the world safe in the midst of Reign’s attempts to terraform the earth.

On the front lines of the battle, it was Imra who arrived and actually saved the day. Yet, in the process of that Mon-El seemingly got off pretty easy when it comes to what’s going on with Imra. They seem to be moving forward without each other romantically … but Mon-El may not be sticking around in the past in order to be with Kara.

As the episode went along, Winn was presented with an opportunity, along with Mon-El, to go to the future to protect it from a new threat that was born out of them stopping the blight. According to Brainiac (who was not able to return to his era), the future would need them.

While Winn and Mon-El were trying to figure out what was going on here, Supergirl had a problem of her own: Trying to figure out how to stop Reign for good. That’s where Lena came into play and it appeared that things were working. She was able to offer Sam enough power that she was able to defeat Reign herself … but not before things got incredibly violent along the way. She used the last remnants of her laser vision to try to take out others.

Ultimately, Supergirl was able to kill Reign, but doing so killed many of her friends. She had to go back in time, using Mon-El’s ring, to try and find another way. She did, followed her ideals, and found a way to imprison Reign.

The aftermath of the mission

At this point, Mon-El had to make it clear to Kara just what he needed to do. He told her new couldn’t abandon the Legion and she admired him for it. The two are going to be apart once more, but this time it’s different. This time around, it’s via choice. Mon-El did leave her with a ring, just in case she does need him for anything in the future.

Meanwhile, it was time for other changes. Winn decided to leave for the future mission and, surprisingly, J’onn decided that he was going to step down from his role. It doesn’t seem that he is going away for good, but he wants to be more among the people.

As for James, he has officially made it clear that he was Guardian to the public.

CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, we do think that the finale did a good job of bringing conclusion to this season. Yet, the whole story around Mon-El and Brainiac came completely out of nowhere. There’s a lot of change in here and while some of it could be good, it’s going to take time to digest.

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