Into the Badlands season 3 midseason finale: Sunny’s decision and other danger

Into the Badlands season 3 episode 9 return dateWhat happened on Into the Badlands season 3 episode 8 on Sunday night? Let’s just say that this is one of those episodes that will probably be more defined by the closing few minutes  than almost anything else.

For starters, let’s just say that The Widow’s war ended up getting rather surprisingly interrupted thanks to a larger issue that found itself sweeting over the land. Consider this a prophecy fulfilled with the Pilgrim at the center of it. We’ve already known this man to be a powerful, formidable zealot, and what he seemed to do tonight was very much in line with what we know about.

The good news now appears to be that Henry is cured; yet, it’s coming at the costs. The Pilgrim has a real knack for taking the gifts of others thanks to the Meridian Chamber, and judging from what we saw with him at the end of the episode, there is definitely a reason to fear this man at the end of the season. Ultimately, though, what makes things so fascinating right now is that we don’t blame Sunny at all for his actions. How could you? It is Father’s Day and he was willing to do just about everything that he could for the sake of helping his son … even if Bajie and others did everything within their power to convince him otherwise.

Meanwhile, The Widow’s story tonight brought her finally to White Bone in hopes of taking out Baron Chau (epic fight scene ensues), but it feels fair to say that what she saw on the inside was certainly far from what she expected to see within. Enter The Master. Brace yourselves for what’s coming next! The Master clearly sees something more about than this simple war. Also, it seems like Minerva’s got her power back.

On a different note, is Lydia going to be okay? That’s one of the more terrifying cliffhangers that we’ve got at the moment, especially since she was so intent on wanting to survive since there was “so much” that they still had to do. (DON’T DIE LYDIA ESPECIALLY AFTER THE HORSE STUNT!)

CarterMatt Verdict

The was the sort of finale for Into the Badlands that we love and will cherish for quite some time. After all, it left many interesting threads for the second half of the season while also, in the process, giving you great stunts (Lydia and the horse!) and further establishing the Pilgrim as one of the most dangerous adversaries we’ve ever seen with the series.

Now, comes the hard part — waiting for a while to see what’s coming over the remainder of the season.

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