Outlander season 5, season 6, and schedule speculation galore

Outlander season 4For this morning’s Outlander feature, we want to look at the future — to be specific, we want to look far into the future. We know that season 4 is coming on Starz this November, but what about the seasons beyond that? How long should we prepare ourselves for some Droughtlanders to come? While nothing is set in stone, this is the time in which to start marking down some future dates here in pencil.

Let’s start things off here with a reminder that there is, in fact, going to be at least two more seasons — Starz confirmed this earlier this year. Meanwhile, it should be noted that there’s a pretty long break in filming once it concludes later this month. Based on every indication that we’ve got, season 5 is not going to start filming until 2019. That’s going to be a good 15 months later, at least, from when season 4 started filming. Given that there is no publicly-available start date for season 5 floating around out there, it could be later.

So what should we gleam from this? As of late, it seems to be that Outlander seasons start airing around a year or so after they begin filming, with a margin of error of a month or two in there. With that, if Outlander starts filming season 5 in January or February 2019, it’s possible they could premiere in January / February 2020. If filming starts a little later, the same goes for airing the series. Even with one fewer episode in season 5 and season 6, we don’t really think it’s going to change the schedule of the show airing all that much. It’s hard to imagine a late 2019 start for season 5 unless somehow the editors are wizards at getting everything done without sacrificing quality.

If Outlander season 5 airs in early 2020, what does that mean for season 6? The pattern we’ve gotten use to here is that there is typically a little more than a year between seasons, which makes sense given that this is such a time-consuming series to film. We feel like a spring 2021 start date for season 6 is a reasonable estimate.

Possible caveats

Is there a chance that there’s another long filming hiatus somewhere in here? Absolutely, and this could push some of these dates further back. We’ve come to learn over time that there’s a tendency to be overly optimistic when it comes to precisely when new seasons can air. This is just a show that takes time, and beyond that the cast and crew need to have opportunities to catch their breath a little bit.

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