Lucifer season 4: How could the series resolve fantastic cliffhanger?

LuciferThere are certainly a million or so reasons as to why we want to see a Lucifer season 4 happen, but one of the biggest ones is simple: Working to find an adequate follow-up to what we saw at the end of season 3. It was one of our readers’ favorite endings of the entire 2017-18 season, as we saw Chloe finally come to terms with what Lucifer truly was. Sure, he had told her previously that he was “the devil,” but there’s a difference between metaphorical and literal devil and that’s something that she is certainly starting to come to terms with. The bonus episodes weren’t really meant to offer up much in the way of context to this.

How do we think Chloe will handle this information that she suddenly knows? She has to try and reconcile everything that she knows about Lucifer and much of that touches back to human relationships and nature vs. nurture. Do you think Lucifer is defined by who he is biologically, or is your perception changed in some way by some of what you’ve had a chance to see him do? These two subjects with this show are in constant conflict with each other throughout the show and for Chloe, they may also be for a while. She knows Lucifer as someone who can be caring and rather kind — though also a bit devilish here and there. The idea of seeing his devil face may be a scary thing that it’s hard to forget about.

If there is a sign of hope for Deckerstar, it’s simple this: She’s fairly open-minded and does have so much history to rely on. Lucifer also did just save her by flying her off to safety in one of the coolest parts of the ending.

If there’s anything that Chloe could be especially angry about, it may just be the fact that she was in the dark for so long and nobody told her the truth. She’s someone who cares deeply about that and from a trust perspective, Lucifer may have to earn that back if the two are ever going to be together. This, at least from our vantage point, is a stumbling block for their relationship more so than anything regarding his devil face.

No matter what the writers decide, we just want there to be a chance for them to make these decisions and have a season 4. You have to think that some other characters are also going to be involved in this decision and there could be some other exciting dynamics that shift around if Lucifer and Chloe get together. Wouldn’t it make Lucifer / Dan scenes that much more fun?

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