Lucifer season 4: Why Amazon should strongly consider saving the show

LuciferEarlier this week, some reports first started to surface in regards to Amazon considering picking up Lucifer for a fourth season. Obviously, we are all for that. The Tom Ellis series is one of the most imaginative, fun, and surprisingly emotional shows out there. it can do everything from make you laugh out loud to have you tearing up over the course of a single episode.

So if Amazon is on the fence in regards to the show’s future, why he might not help push them in the right direction? That is the purpose of this particular article, as we have a few different reasons for them to help understand why picking up a Lucifer would be such a great move.

For starters, just look at the state of Amazon’s total line up at the moment. they have a lot of different shows that are highly ambitious, but do they have any that combine mystery, fun, and action in the same way that Lucifer does? We’re not sure that they do. Adding Lucifer would be a way for Amazon to be able to fill a massive hole that is in their programming lineup with something that will just will do many things, but in the end contribute to making viewers smile. We think that in this current climate, these sort of shows are essential and probably are being discounted a little bit by many networks. They are escapism, but Lucifer in particular is the sort of escapism that you can still get incredibly invested in, whether it be via the individual stories or the characters.

Beyond just that, with Lucifer Amazon would be inheriting a rather large audience, and especially in America an audience that they do not have already. We have seen via Twitter that this is one of the most passionate fandoms out there over the past few weeks, and they don’t have many other shows with the sort of built-in following that will follow it to the ends of the earth. Adding a devoted audience was one of the reasons why Amazon supposedly picked up The Expanse, and we certainly think that it works for this show just as much.

Finally, with Lucifer it is very well possible Amazon won’t just be getting a one-year rental. This is the sort of show that could be a part of their lineup for many years that come as a cornerstone. We think that sometimes,  the worry that networks have about reviving a show that was on the air elsewhere is that it’s somewhat near the end of its run and it won’t have too many opportunities to get burn out of it. Lucifer is just entering its fourth season, and in between the premise of the show and the amount of fun the cast and crew seem to have working together, there’s no reason why this can’t continue for a good while.

In the end, we hope that Amazon is out there taking everything into consideration because Lucifer is a show worthy of their time, worthy of their money, and worthy of the platform platform. It will bring them a rather large contingent of subscribers, not to mention a bunch of goodwill from LuciFans all over the world.

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