What should NCIS season 16 look for in a new agent?

NCISAt the moment, we are in the midst of a long waiting process for NCIS season 16 to premiere on CBS This fall. With that in mind, there is room for a lot of discussion on what we want to see! That is amplified further by the fact that there may be an opening when it comes to a new agent on the team.

At this point, we don’t think it is all that huge of a spoiler to say that Clayton Reeves is dead. The character was killed right before Abby’s departure from the series in 15×22, and that does leave a potential opening when it comes to someone to occasionally taking part in some of the new cases. There was no indication within the final episode of season 15 that Gibbs was looking to hire someone new, but they were all still in mourning at that point. Such things take time.

So why would NCIS bring on board another new character in this spot? The simplest answer is that it is a way to shake things up further and give the team someone who presents an outside perspective. That was a big part of what made Clayton Reeves such a great character. He is a man who came on board with ties to MI6, and with that, his training and preparation were different than almost anyone else on the team. While we certainly do think that NCIS could just hire a new full-time agent, there is something rather intriguing about the possibility of them bringing in someone yet again from another organization. We have already suggested the CGIS as an interesting possibility, but beyond that, you can certainly consider even more international possibilities. NCIS having a global reach is something that has been a part of the show for some time — Ziva David, after all, was a former Mossad agent.

We do think that it would very much behoove NCIS to also look at someone who is much more action-oriented and can take part in the more physical scenes on the series. As of right now, it’s pretty clear that Nick Torres is the most physical of all the major characters. It could be fun to bring in a woman who can take part in some of the action scenes alongside Bishop (who does so on occasion), and we certainly wouldn’t be opposed to that since it would be something that the show hasn’t had that much of since Ziva’s exit.

Now that we have said all of this, we do not think that any new hire would necessarily be around every episode. Duane Henry only appeared in a percentage of episodes from the past couple of seasons, and really with that only had a couple of major spotlight episodes a season. There may not be room for another full-time character, especially when you remember that NCIS already has to replace Abby in the lab. In the end, we don’t think a new character would be counted on for all that much. They would just be a new infusion of energy and a different voice, and that certainly helps the team enough to ensure it stays fresh. We want someone smart, opinionated, and will not hold back. Also, it would be nice if they’re willing to have a little bit of fun along the way.

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