Save Shadowhunters update: Netflix speaks (awkwardly); a new fundraiser

Shadowhunters season 3 spoilers
The campaign to save Shadowhunters is certainly in high gear at the moment, and for today’s update we’ve got a couple of things that we want to bring to your attention.

First, we do want to point out that the petition to find the show (view here) now has over 100,000 signatures! As we said in the piece over here and the video below, that’s a pretty incredible achievement and something that the fans of this show have to be thrilled with. The same goes for the new charity fundraiser that is going on for The Trevor Project. As of this writing more than $6,000 has been given to the organization, which helps young LGBTQ individuals in times of crisis. This all shows the power of fandom — it’s so much more important than cynical people will ever recognize. You form emotional connections to shows when they are on and they become a key part of your life. With a show like Shadowhunters, that’s probably true more so than most other shows out there just because it carries with it such a strong, inspirational message of inclusion and equality.

Hopefully, for the sake of offering many fans hope, it continues in its efforts to find itself a second home. Beyond just that, it is also great entertainment and an escape from the outside world.

Netflix’s comment on the cancellation – Today, the company’s See What’s Next feed (which is about reporting Netflix news from within the company) issued a statement promising that the story of Shadowhunters would reach a proper conclusion:

#Shadowhunters fans: with the second part of Season 3 & the 2-hour finale, there will be 12 more episodes coming to Netflix outside the US in 2019. We promise these will allow the creators to bring the incredible story that has touched so many of you to a satisfying conclusion.

Do we think that the writers are going to do everything that they can to make that happen? Absolutely, but we do think that this statement is a little bit awkwardly-worded. For starters, only two of these twelve episodes are going to be building towards a conclusion. There isn’t any indication that the second half of the season was written as though the show was getting canceled. Beyond that, the final two episodes seem to now have a massive responsibility of covering an enormous amount of source material. That likely means, at least in its current form, that these final episodes are going to have to skip over a lot of plot points just because there isn’t time for them.

If someone does end up saving the show, it could still be Netflix even in spite of this statement. We’re not really in the business of ruling anyone out. The best thing to do is continue to make noise.

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