Petition to save Shadowhunters nears 100,000 signatures

Shadowhunters season 2 finale reviewWhen it comes to petitions to save shows from cancellation, often they can have varying effects. When they only muster a few thousand signatures, they can be a little bit easier to ignore. However, once you get past the 30,000 or so range, they start to become quite a bit deal. The one to save Shadowhunters is nearing 100,000 internet signatures over on, and that’s a figure that you absolutely cannot ignore. (For those wondering, we’ve also signed it.)

Let’s put this in a little bit of a deeper perspective. On average, Shadowhunters season 3 is watched live in America by almost 400,000 people. While we understand that not every signer of said petition is located in the United States, that’s still an incredible ratio of petitioners to viewers. It’s one of the best we’ve seen. It’s another reminder of how active and engaged this fandom is — it has long been one of the largest social shows on all television and that certainly isn’t changing now. we cannot imagine Freeform thought that fans would roll over and just accept the idea that the series is ending with twelve episodes in 2018.

If anything is going to help to make Shadowhunters season 4 happen, it’s going to be the rampant amount of support online. If there is a streaming provider or network out there that wants good publicity for itself, they should consider picking the series up. It’s a way to effectively guarantee that they have hundreds of thousands of potential new customers. They likely do need to be someone with a global reach, but television is becoming more global these days and we know there are many international homes that would welcome having this sort of show around.

Given how unpredictable the quest to save a show can be, the best thing any fan can do is 1) sign the petition, 2) tweet about Shadowhunters as often as possible, and 3) try to make sure that everyone from Hulu to Amazon to Syfy to anyone and everyone in between hears you. If there’s a way to make things work with Netflix, that’s also ideal. Cast a wide net and don’t exclude any possibilities. Make it clear that you are willing to be a customer for any network or streaming service willing to pick up the show.

Since networks often think in terms of dollars and cents, let’s do the same thing here — let’s say that every single person who signs the Shadowhunters petition ends up becoming a subscriber of a streaming service for three months to watch it. Let’s then say that said service costs ten dollars a month. With the petition nearing 100,000 signatures, that’s almost $3 million from that alone! That’s without even really thinking about deals with international networks, DVD sales, merchandise, and so many more ways to generate income.

Every effort to save the show is a longshot; that’s the way that this business works. Yet, shows have been saved before and with the right amount of passion and good campaigning, Shadowhunters still has a chance.

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