Lucifer season 4: Why June 16 is such an important date for renewal effort

LuciferFor many Lucifer fans out there, we certainly do think there are questions as to when the campaign to save the show could reach its end. It has raged on over the past few weeks, and we do have more confirmation than ever now that we are in the home stretch.

At this point, June 16 is the date that matters the most. As Lauren German and Lesley-Ann Brandt explained while at Oz Comic-Con recently (see the attached video below), this is when contracts for the cast are currently set to expire. Until that point, all Lucifer series regulars are tied contractually to the show. Following this, they can start to look for other full-time work. While Lucifer may be a wonderful job, it is still a job and if there isn’t information on its future soon, the cast and crew inevitably have to go find other ones. That’s just the nature of the industry.

Does June 16 have to be an extremely strict cutoff date? Not necessarily, given that there’s always a chance it could be revived after the fact if the right variables come into play. It is just more complicated to bring everyone back together after that point than it would be to just have a decision by then. If someone books another job, for example, it would be so much harder to secure their availability.

So what does this mean for LuciFans? – More so than anything else, that time is of the essence! If there was ever a time in which to tweet your heart out and rally to save the show, this is it! We’ve already reported about the ways in which to tweet about the show on Monday in hopes of making some big moves on Twitter — if you want to read more about that, you can do that over at the link here. Be active, be engaged, and be willing to do anything and everything needed. There’s still some time and there are still some reasons to hope.

At the moment, signs point towards Warner Bros. TV targeting streaming platforms, but we don’t think the priority should be so much targeting specific providers as it just is making noise on the internet. If that happens, especially weeks removed from the cancellation, networks and providers are going to take notice without any party being singled out.

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