America’s Got Talent video: Lord Nil tries to escape from scorpions

America's Got Talent
We come bearing a new sneak peek from Tuesday night’s new America’s Got Talent episode, and this one features a man in Lord Nil who has some serious guts.

The premise of this escape-artist act is rather simple: Lord Nil has locked himself up to a device that is going to drop scorpions all around his face if he can’t get free of it in a specified period of time. We’ve seen similar sorts of acts on the show before and the basic premise here is really quite simple. What makes it compelling is seeing someone race against time; we’ve seen things go wrong enough over the years known that there is some real danger here. Of course, we also imagine that these artists have rehearsed these sort of stunts enough to know that they’re capable of getting out of these situations. Still, it’s different when you are performing in front of millions in a way that can dramatically change your life. That’s pressure that any escape artist rarely feels.

The only critique that we have of the performance just comes down to personal preference: We’re not a huge fan of the acts that have animals all lumped together in a super-enclosed space. We’re not the biggest scorpion activist in the world or anything, but it’s just not our personal cup of tea watching any sort of creature have to be packed together like a can of sardines. It probably would be equally effective if there are spikes, fire, or something else coming down on his head.

Overall, though, we’d totally send Lord Nil on to the next round to see what sort of crazy stunt he can come up with next. The real shame here is that because of the nature of his act, he’s probably not going to get any Golden Buzzer consideration. Those typically go to performers who not only connect through their talent, but connect through their story.

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