Goliath season 2 episode 2 review: Does it really need to be this complicated?

Goliath season 2We have a new case for Goliath season 2 and while Billy isn’t fully on board yet the pieces are starting to come together in a way that he can’t walk away. His friend Oscar’s son has been accused of 2 murders he didn’t commit and with Oscar being shot right in front of his motel we can’t see Billy walking away from this no matter how much he doesn’t want to work another murder case.

Is Billy taking the case?

As expected, Oscar’s death is sitting with Billy and he’s decided to take on Julio’s case. With Oscar’s death affecting everyone in the neighborhood Brittany is back working with Billy to help Julio. After everything that happened with Brittany and Billy we weren’t expecting their relationship to be mended so quickly with just an apology – we thought Brittany was going to have to earn her spot back on the team, but Billy is happy to have her back and it’s business as usual. As he tells Patty “the only thing that is unforgivable is murder”, but of course Patty has an opinion about it and we’ll just say it’s not positive.

Speaking of Patty now that we have most of the dream team back together again, Billy wants to make it complete and asks her to be part of the defense team for Julio. Even putting her feelings on Brittany aside, she still isn’t ready to take on another case, but after some consideration (and a promise from Billy to keep Brittany away from her) she decides to help.

Preliminary hearing

With the A-Team back together again they are ready to defend Julio and get this whole thing dismissed before it ever goes to trial and while at first it’s looking like maybe Billy is going to get his wish, it unravels quickly when time stamped street camera footage is brought out of Julio running away from the murder scene with a gun in his belt. Has Billy gotten himself into another case where he’s defending a person he thought was innocent of murder, but is actually guilty?

Julio tells Billy the truth, saying that he was there and was planning to kill the man that killed his brothers, but he heard gun shots and ran away. To make matters worse he says that threw the gun in the ocean so they can’t even use Julio’s gun to prove it wasn’t him. It looks bad, but unless the other side has a murder weapon Billy has squeezed out of tighter jams than this.

Does it need to be this complicated?

The reveal is that there is way more to these murders then we are led to believe. The two guys who were killed were smaller drug runners for a much larger operation and some of the people in that operation are connected to a mayoral candidate named Marisol. The guy who killed Julio’s brothers wasn’t even the target he just was collateral damage, but because of his connection to Julio, this is an easy way to pawn these murders off on him.

To make things even more messy Marisol is connected to Julio as he is one of the kids in her community that she has been working with to help turn things around. She refuses to believe that he is guilty of these crimes and is creating some waves by continuing to proclaim his innocence to the media. What she doesn’t know is that Wyatt (who is one of her biggest donors) is one of the men behind this Julio set up and the higher ups of this whole crime ring are really unhappy that he can’t get a handle on her. After an explanation to Marisol from Wyatt, she realizes that she is in some deep you-know-what.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This episode really threw a lot at us, but the thing that stuck out was the romance with Billy and the Marisol and it’s the same problem we had in the first season of the show with Billy and Rachel. Not every romance has to be some long drawn out build up of anticipation, but at the same time not every woman needs to immediately jump into bed with Billy. Marisol, spoke to him for what, 10 minutes on a boardwalk one time where he was being kinda creepy and we are supposed to believe that this is attractive enough for a woman to wait outside his apartment for 2 hours? We get that Billy Bob Thorton is a good looking guy, but this character is a messed up alcoholic and that’s not exactly someone that we would see a mayoral candidate wanting to hook up with right before an election. We can buy it one time (with Rachel), but we are having a hard time swallowing this a second time.

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