Goliath season 2 episode 3 review: Billy hits a major roadblock

Goliath season 2So this season of Goliath has already become quite complicated with a lot of moving parts. We have a young man being accuse of double murder, we have corrupt politicians and cops, and we have angry drug cartels. All of them are connected in a huge mess and going into episode 3 we are hoping that they will pull back a little bit on this and maybe focus more on the case.

Is Tito the key?

When a friend comes through for Billy giving him the identity of the real shooter in these murders (a man named Tito), he brings it to the judge trying the case. He asks for a chance to get Tito’s testimony before the trial because he’s a flight risk and although Billy has no actual proof that he’s the shooter, the judge grants him permission.

Patty heads out to see the two cops (Loomis and Roman that had Tito commit these murders) in hopes that they can give her a lead on Tito’s whereabouts. That goes fairly bad as Roman grabs Patty and starts threatening her, and afterwards he calls ICE on Tito to get him deported before Billy can get his testimony. They really need Tito, so bring in a man named Jeff Clayton to find a way to get him back – and after calling in some favors he works it out that Tito is picked up and being transported back to Los Angeles.

Ever since finding out that she has involvement with these murders Marisol has been distancing herself from Wyatt, but he’s not having it. He’s following her on the campaign trail, at the office and even when she’s meeting with Billy. He knows he needs to get a handle on her one way or another and he only has a few days to do it before the higher ups send someone to kill him. Once Marisol hears that Tito is being brought back for Billy’s case she goes to Wyatt (and Loomis) to tell them what she knows. Wyatt doesn’t know the details of how it all went down, but Loomis explains that Tito is a problem for them all and that he’s going to take care of it this time since Roman failed. And take care of it he did – Tito was delivered to the cartel and we suspect no one will be hearing anything from him ever again.

Julio’s lies

After Julio lied to Billy about not being at the scene of the murder, he promised to be honest from here on out, but it seems that he is lying about the gun he had on him. He told Billy that he threw it in the ocean, but he has given the gun to his girlfriend.

Speaking of guns, before Tito was deported he helped Roman find the gun used in the murder and Roman is now using it as evidence to try to link to Julio. When talking to Julio about the murder weapon being found at his house (planted by Roman), he confesses that the gun he had in the video is with his girlfriend, so the gun that was found can’t be his.

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CarterMatt verdict

After a messy second episode things are starting to come together a bit better now. We still don’t know who’s behind all of this and why they are constantly cutting limbs off of people, but we are sure we will get some more answers on that later. Outside of the Billy/Marisol relationship we are starting to finally settle into the story this season, but our biggest beef is that there is way too much going on and not enough of the case. Watching Billy in action is what we loved about the first season and so far there hasn’t been a whole lot of that.

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