Goliath season 2 episode 4 review: Billy’s offer, Roman’s choice

Goliath season 2We have reached the half way point of Goliath season 2 and so far there’s been a lot that we like about it and a few things that we don’t. Season 1 had a lot of moving parts, but a way more cohesive story with a focus on Billy cracking the case (which is what we watch for), but this season hasn’t had that same flow.

Let’s all learn about Gabriel

So we finally learned a bit more about the big bad behind all of this. Gabriel was the son of a toy maker and although he always wanted to be a surgeon, he was destined to take over the family business after his father made a deal with the cartel to move product in his toys. Later his father killed the head of the cartel and took over the business himself, squashing Gabriel’s surgeon dreams into oblivion. Now Gabriel has found a way to continue to run the cartel, his toy business and be a surgeon – whenever someone betrays him he gives a punishment that fits the crime, which usually involves performing some sort of amputation surgery on them making sure they can still work, but that they won’t betray him again.

His partnership with Wyatt formed initially as an investment as Wyatt wants to make more buildings/shipping companies and Gabriel needed capital and access to shipping ports. As their relationship progressed some other perks were thrown in for Wyatt as some of his fetishes were made into reality.

We get why the show wanted to wait a bit to give us the Gabriel reveal, but since they made it pretty clear from the first episode that Julio was innocent and that the cartel was behind all of this, why not just lay it out in the first episode instead of complicating things as much as they have?

Getting back to the case

The prosecution has brought in Roman’s planted gun (the real murder weapon) into evidence, but Billy now has the gun that Julio had in the video. He reveals that Julio’s gun was held at his girlfriend’s house, who is prepared to testify and that they will be happy to have testing to show that the gun is clean. The judge grants a suppression of evidence hearing over the video and the murder weapon and after making a compelling case Billy feels good that the evidence will be suppressed, but much to his surprise they are both being allowed. The gun that the prosecution has is the murder weapon so it needs to be allowed and as for the video the judge feels that it actually supports Billy’s theory because it shows Julio with a different weapon and she assumed he would’ve brought it into trial anyway.

Speaking of some highly volatile evidence let’s talk about that box containing Tito’s head that was left at Billy’s door step. It was clearly left for him as a threat from Gabriel, but since Billy’s life is pretty much threatened on the daily he decided to march the box right down to Roman and deliver it to him in front of the entire police department. This ends with Roman losing his mind and Billy being held in custody until Patty comes to pick him up.

After a getting a tip, Billy confronts Roman about Tito being his CI saying that with Tito dead that Roman is now the most expendable guy in that operation and offered to protect him if he will work with him on the case. We know that Roman is unraveling and while he made be too scared of the cartel to work with Billy, they will eventually kill him and he knows it.

What is Marisol’s involvement with the cartel?

Now that Marisol knows her involvement with setting Julio up her relationship with Billy has changed. We know she must care for him on some level, but now she also is using him to find out what he has when it comes to the case. Don’t feel sorry for Billy though, he’s starting to put some pieces together after he asks Marisol about the drug cartel and she gets cagey with him sparking a fight.

This has made Marisol really paranoid and she has really crossed the line by using Billy’s daughter to get information out of Billy about the case – really tough to watch since we have seen how much she admires Marisol. What was the most interesting thing to come out of this is we saw one of the drug cartel’s little tin toys in her glove compartment leading us to believe that she has been working Billy the entire time, which would make way more sense then a successful politician running for mayor wanting to get involved with an alcoholic after meeting him for ten minutes on a pier.

When Denise reveals to Billy that Marisol came to see her, he’s not thrilled to say the least and while she tried to keep it secret that Marisol asked about the case she gave herself away when she started to probe Billy about the case herself. This is going to end badly.

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CarterMatt Verdict

While season 2 had a bit of a rough start for us things are coming together now in a bit more of a cohesive way. It’s still not at the same level that season 1 was for us, but it’s starting to get it’s footing.

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