Goliath season 2 episode 5 review: Did Roman flip to help Billy?

Goliath S2Will Roman take Billy’s offer? That was the big cliffhanger from the last episode of Goliath and it can really go either way with him. Billy knows that Tito was Roman’s CI and he knows that Roman is so deep in that he can’t get out without some help. The big question is: How scared is Roman of the cartel? Scared enough to keep doing their dirty work with the Julio investigation or scared enough to get protection from Billy?

Wyatt and Brittany

Wyatt originally kicked off a friendship with Brittany through AA as a means to get information on Billy and it’s been working, but at the same time they are actually creating a bit of a bond – or at least that’s what Wyatt wants her to think. He has revealed his fetish for amputation, showed her the set he had built of his family home and talked about his sister losing her leg and what changed in him when she did. Brittany was open to hearing about it and open to making him feel comfortable about it to which he replied that he hasn’t ever felt intimacy like this with anyone (a lie?). In the end he got a bit more information out of her about Billy’s case in that they have a witness willing to testify about Julio not being the actual shooter. Is it Roman?

Will Roman do the right thing?

After his talk with Billy, Roman had a few false starts when it came to coming clean about what he did (fear is a funny thing that way), but eventually he decided to work with Billy and tell the prosecution the truth about Julio. When he meets up with the prosecution he tells the truth: That Julio didn’t kill those men, That Tito was his CI and that it was Tito that killed them. Boom – the truth is out there.

Roman doesn’t give all of the important details until he has immunity and his family is in witness protection, but the prosecution knows they are trying an innocent boy now and at least that’s something. After both sides talk to the judge, Julio is moved into protective custody for the weekend while everyone gets the paper work together for the court to release him.

Loomis knows that Roman has flipped and is up against a wall now with Roman in witness protection. Even though Roman is his best friend he ends up telling Wyatt that Roman is the one who flipped.


So as we suspected after seeing the toy in her glove compartment, Marisol is somehow related to the cartel. After her parents were killed her best friend (Gabriel) had his parents take her in as one of their own and his parents as we know, were the head of the cartel. She grew a close sibling relationship with Gabriel, but once she was old enough to leave she jumped a bus to Los Angeles and never looked back, except to remember the close relationship she had with her adoptive brother.

With Julio getting out of prison and Roman ready to flip Gabriel is becoming a bit of a desperate man and pushes Marisol to get Billy to his house under the guise of a “getaway”. Is Gabriel going to confront or threaten Billy or is it in his best interest to instead take the weekend to get to know him and find another way?

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CarterMatt Verdict

We are closing in on the end of Goliath and we still feel like we haven’t arrived at the party. For us what makes Goliath such a great show is when Billy is digging deep into a case, coming up against roadblocks and finding ways around them, so with the very little case work going on this season it feels like it’s taken a detour from what we’ve come to know and love about the show. To be fair, cartel stories have never been our favorite plots since they have really been done to death over the years, but Goliath is at least bringing a different flavor to it.

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