Goliath season 2 episode 6 review: An invite to Gabriel’s creepy surgery room

Goliath season 2When we last saw Billy on Goliath season 2 he was in a pretty bad position (even though he doesn’t know it yet). Marisol had tricked him into thinking he was going away with her for the night, but really she has brought him up to Gabriel’s house. Is he going to kill Billy or does he have something else in mind?

A creepy weekend getaway

Gabriel is being presented to Billy as Marisol’s family (which technically he is) and there is a huge celebration going on at the estate for his god daughters. Billy is still in the dark about who Gabriel really is and Gabriel is being nothing more than a gracious host as he starts to learn as much as he can about Billy. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer as they say. The other reason for Gabriel setting up this romantic getaway is that he wants to keep Billy out of town and away from Julio. Not good news for Julio.

This whole “weekend away” trip was pretty strange to watch and with Billy being such a smart guy we expected him to catch on to all the weirdness around him, but he never really seemed to. This includes Gabriel being a “hobby surgeon” and some of his staff members having amputations, but he’s still not connecting the dots. Was anyone else worried when Gabriel invited Billy to see his surgery room? Talk about one of the creepiest bad guy invitations; “hey want to see my surgery room”?… “Ah no, I think I’m good”.

Also it’s clear that Gabriel is in love with Marisol and her relationship with Billy is getting under his skin as he feels she is “flaunting” it and creepily stands outside their room listening while they make love. Unfortunately, this isn’t the extent of this man’s creepiness. Marisol later walks in on Gabriel having sex with a woman in Marisol’s childhood room while this woman wears Marisol’s old bathrobe.

Meanwhile back in Los Angeles…

Loomis is worried now that Wyatt told him someone is flipping and even though Roman’s in witness protection, he’s picked up Loomis’ call. It’s an extraordinarily bad move since Loomis is setting him up to get him out of witness protection so he can get a handle on the situation before Roman flips, but Roman agrees to meet with him. Is Roman pulling the old switcheroo on him or is he really this dumb? As it turns out it’s neither. Roman can’t live with the guilt anymore and wants Loomis to kill him so that his wife gets a big pay out and never has to find out what he did, but Loomis can’t pull the trigger. In the end it didn’t matter much because when Roman got back to the motel room his family was dead and one of Gabriel’s men was waiting there and killed him too.

With Roman dead and Billy in a remote part of Mexico where he can’t get cell service, things are set up well for Gabriel’s plan to take off. Patty is getting pretty worried about Julio… and she should be. A guard is forcing Julio to write a confession, before making it look like he killed himself in guilt, so Patty has to move fast to get him to a safe place. Unfortunately she doesn’t get to Julio in time and when she arrives at the prison she finds him dead.

Julio’s death is affecting everyone in the worst way possible: Patty has actually sought comfort from Jeff, JT has left town and Billy is distraught that all of this happened while he was away and is hitting the bottle pretty hard.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Although we still wish that there was more focus on the case and seeing Billy work his courtroom magic, this was a pretty great episode. Gabriel is such a creepy bad guy that while we normally can’t stand cartel stories, he’s just so bizarre! With the Julio set up being introduced since pretty much the first episode, we really wish that Gabriel was brought in a lot sooner.

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