Goliath season 2 episode 7 review: Bond… Billy Bond

Goliath S2Things are starting to wrap up as we enter the last 2 episodes of Goliath season 2, ,but not exactly in the way we thought. This season has had way less focus on an actual case for Billy and has had more of a focus on the cartel and their inner workings to keep a hit they put out covered up. Julio was the fall guy and after Billy helped to clear his name with Roman’s testimony the cartel made quick work of him and his whole family, then made Julio write a suicide note and staged his suicide. Everything seems to be wrapped up neatly for the cartel, but not so much for Billy who is spiraling out of control.

Bond… Billy Bond

Speaking of spirally out of control let’s kick this review off with Billy’s status: He went on a bender after hearing the news of Julio’s death and when he woke up in the morning he’s found himself sleeping in bed with a woman named Janet, and locked up in a strange house as a prisoner with no clue as to how he got there. It’s pretty much a “Dude, where’s my car” moment except he’s being held against his will as he tries to recount the events of the night before.

No one will tell him why he’s there, but after talking privately with Janet he learns that he was beyond drunk the night before when they met at a bar and when they woke up in the morning they were at this house with guards at every door and bars on the windows. He tries a number of different ways to assess the situation and figure out exactly what’s going on , but no one wants to give up any information. He suspects he’s being held by Gabriel, but he’s not entirely sure. During one of his information attempts he manages to steal a knife from the kitchen, which is a good thing considering that Janet overheard the captors saying that they “got the call” and that they are supposed to “finish the deal”, which Billy assumes means kill them.

Billy comes up with a plan that involves Janet murdering one of their captors that’s been hitting on her while he throws boiling water in another captors face. While chaos is ensuing, Billy uses a pot to hit the gun out of another captor’s hand and they escape. Eventually Janet completely escapes, but Billy is found by the bad guys and shot at after a very James Bond like chase through the streets of Mexico.

The chaos in Los Angeles

So where is Marisol in all of this? When we saw Billy walk off with a bottle after finding out about Julio, Marisol just watched him leave and didn’t nothing to stop him, but what makes this all the more fishy is that she left Billy in Mexico, got on a plane and came back to Los Angeles. Did she give her blessing to Gabriel to have Billy killed?

Then we have Wyatt who is feeling some sort of guilt over what happened to Julio and is crying in Brittany’s lap and Loomis who has packed a bag and is leaving town. Loomis doesn’t get far though before Gabriel’s henchman with the hook cuts his ear off and Loomis decides it’s better to throw himself off the roof of a building then get cut to pieces. Add to all of that Patty has stolen evidence from the Julio case and Denise has gotten drunk and is desperately trying to call Billy.

Is Billy Dead?

Nope! The bad guys shot at him and he went down, but they never bothered to look and see if he was actually dead for some unknown reason. With a friends help Billy is able to be smuggled back into the United States and reunited with Patty and Denise.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We spent the first 35 minutes of this episode in the dark with Billy as he tried to figure out why he was being held in this house and what he was going to do to get out of it. This was a real departure from the Goliath we have become accustomed to and not to sound like a broken record, but where is the Billy McBride we’ve come to know and love? He’s an eccentric alcoholic, but he still has this brilliant mind for looking at the finer details of any situation and figuring things out. For some reason he’s completely blinded with his feelings for Marisol and can’t see a drug cartel right in front of his face.

This season is a very different show than season 1 where we were watching Billy the lawyer. This season we seem to be watching Billy Bond as he’s jumping fences with a beautiful woman, commencing in shootouts in the streets of Mexico and there’s a villain with a hook for a hand that is threatening everyone much like the Bond film Live and Let Die.

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