Goliath season 2 finale review: Everyone’s a loser

Goliath season 2This has been a very strange season of Goliath and now that we are at the final episode we still aren’t exactly on board with everything we watched this go around. The last episode was like watching a mashup of “Dude, Where’s My Car” and a James Bond flick which is a pretty big departure from what we watched last season. This isn’t even about Billy working a case anymore – now he’s just escaped his captors with an unknown woman, and had a shoot out as he hopped fences and ran through the streets of Mexico like he was some kind of action hero. Now he is back in Los Angeles with Patty and Denise and we are ready to see how this whole thing is going to wrap up.

The love fog has lifted

Billy’s love googles have been taken off and he’s seeing Marisol for what she is and it’s especially clear when he goes to her Mayoral celebration and sees the man that was holding Billy captive at her side. He’s mad at the world and is ready to burn it to the ground to get justice for Julio starting with Pete the money guy. After smashing his car in and threatening him Pete rolls over on Wyatt as the money launderer for Gabriel’s cartel, but it’s not really enough to connect all the pieces to Julio’s murder.

The Billy, Wyatt confrontation

Brittany has now been warned about Wyatt and now he’s lashing out at her, but she was able to leave him without getting hurt, which was a miracle since she was warned about him while he had her tied up in some sex game. After commiserating with Billy over how stupid they both were to get involved with these people Billy heads over to Wyatt’s to tell him the Pete has flipped on him. What Billy really wants is to link Wyatt to Julio’s murder, but he points Billy in the direction of Marisol saying that she’s the one who gave the order on that (which is true). After dropping this bomb on Billy, he drops a bomb of his own revealing that Marisol and Gabriel are adoptive brother and sister and that he’s been lied to this whole time when they said they don’t know each other.

Billy starts chasing down leads to learn more about who Marisol used to be before she became Marisol, but after learning that her real name was Claudia he’s running up against dead end after dead end. Even when he returns to Gabriel’s house, everyone is denying ever meeting Billy or knowing Gabriel. Every loose end that could implicate Marisol has been taken care of by Gabriel… except for Wyatt and Pete.

Speaking of Wyatt

When Wyatt is arrested we assumed that this was the beginning of Billy getting justice, but when we realized that it was actually Gabriel’s men posing as cops and bringing Wyatt to him… well we are starting to think that Billy isn’t going to get any kind of justice for Julio after all. Gabriel performed his magic and Wyatt is now without arms, legs and a tongue, so while he didn’t kill him, he’s ensured that Wyatt can’t ever tell his story.

Did Marisol ever love Billy?

The burning question that Billy has had throughout this whole reveal was if his relationship with Marisol was ever real. Did she actually love him or was it all just a play? He had the chance to ask her this and even though there were tears in her eyes she told him that she never loved him – it was all a lie.

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CarterMatt Verdict

After waiting this long for more Goliath episodes we really expected something more from this season, not just another cartel story and watching Billy fall in love. We aren’t saying that we didn’t like it, but the magic of the first season was gone for us.

What we loved about this season is that no one was the winner except for the bad guys (Gabriel continued to do business as usual and Marisol is the Mayor) where as the first season Billy had a big win. They set that up really well for season 3 because now we know that not every season will end off with Billy on top. Billy was left with a broken heart and another death on his conscious, Denise has been developing a bit of a drinking habit, Brittany fell for a money launderer and Patty screwed up her relationship with Jeff (who seemed to genuinely like her) by stealing evidence from him.

While there were a lot of moments that we enjoyed this season, we are hoping that Marisol and Gabriel getting away with murder isn’t going to mean that season 3 is going to revisit this story unless it’s in a court room setting. We know that Pete is in custody, but we really feels like the story is over.

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