Grey’s Anatomy season 15: Should we slow down with Scott Speedman chatter?

Nick Marsh
Over the course of the last few days, there’s been understandably a lot of conversation on one subject: Whether or not we could see more of Scott Speedman on Grey’s AnatomyWe do understand why. When Speedman first appeared on the show as Nick Marsh (which seems to be the universally-accepted name for the character now — he was listed in some places originally as Nick Mars, which is what we went by), he was immensely popular with many fans for both his personality and chemistry with Ellen Pompeo. Given how protective many fans out there are of Meredith, it was noteworthy just how well-received the character seemed to be.

Now that Speedman is done with Animal Kingdom (watch the video below for more on that and subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more), the door seemingly is open for a Marsh return to the show. There are many people calling for it on Twitter and discussing it virtually all over the place.

Yet, we must also remember this: Speedman only appeared in one episode of Grey’s Anatomy this past season. It’s not as though he has some substantial arc, and it’s also not as though bringing the character back is going to be a particularly easy thing to do. There could be a lot of legwork that goes into it and this is the sort of thing that may take some time. we’re more than fine to be patient, but there should be a cognizance around that. We wouldn’t bring Dr. Marsh in for at least a handful of episodes since you gotta find a way to bring him back to Seattle, then also justify a reason why he’s there. Ultimately, the main reason you could do this in the story is by saying that he’s filling a void left by either April or Arizona, but then you run the risk of him being coined a “replacement” and that’s a dangerous thing within the social-media age.

(We would say that Marsh could be a replacement on staff for Riggs, but we would imagine that in some way he is already replaced.)

While we do think that Speedman’s a great actor and that Marsh could be an awesome character, remember that we don’t necessarily need a Meredith love interest. With that, this should be considered … but so should patience. In this sort of situation, patience could very well be best.

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Do you want to see Speedman on Grey’s Anatomy moving forward, or do you just think that everyone is better off focusing on other things? Share below!

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