Elementary season 6 episode 4 review: Joan looks towards her future

Elementary season 6 episode 4Elementary season 6 episode 4 took on (big surprise) another murder case. Yet, what made this one different was the close connection the victim had to none other than Joan Watson. It was none other than her former therapist Candace, someone she had shared close secrets with. There is always this perception that your therapist is emotionally put-together, largely because that offers up a better explanation as to why they would be able to help others.

With this particular case, finding out who was responsible was surprisingly complicated — mostly because it turned out that Candace Reed was not altogether unethical. Despite the fact that she knew great secrets about her business partner, she took those to her grave. Neither the partner or the man’s fixer ended up being the responsible party, either. Instead, it turned out that the fixer (one who was responsible for bugging her office — a crime in itself) ended up being the one who handed down some valuable information. It just so turned out that he heard some very pertinent information — he didn’t realize it, but it was important nonetheless.

The best part of this episode, at least for Sherlock, comes via the presentation. It was a fellow doctor who was responsible for what happened, and in order to sell it Holmes had to make it seem as though he was guilty. It turned out that the murder was financially motivated, mostly because this doctor wanted to use a potential patient in order to make himself a fortune in stocks. If Dr. Reed died, this would open the door for him to swoop in and take advantage of some of the information this client had.

Joan’s decision

After the case Bell dropped by with the good news that Sherlock’s stunt worked, but the big surprise was that Joan was considering adoption. She wanted to have more of a family, and that was something that going through all of this case with Dr. Reed reminded her of. It doesn’t seem as though she is in a hurry, but it is nonetheless on her mind.

CarterMatt Verdict

What we appreciated about this episode was how the case served as a catalyst for Joan thinking more about her own life. Also, there’s something always fascinating about watching Sherlock’s various treatment methods and the slow-burn of the relationship with Michael. It is clear at the moment that Joan has concern over it, mostly because it is such a quick friendship for him and sometimes, that’s not always healthy for Holmes.

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