Supernatural season 13 finale: Jensen Ackles’ new character revealed

Jensen Ackles' new characterWho is Jensen Ackles’ new character moving into Supernatural season 14? Let’s just say that many of the rumors out there were correct.

If you think about it, the connection between Dean Winchester and Michael on the series goes back for many years — it was determined a long time ago that Dean was the ideal vessel for him. With that in mind, can you really be surprised to learn that Ackles is now going to be playing a different version of Michael? This should be fun, especially for Jensen as a performer to stretch his wings and do something very different than he has before. We’re always down for great actors to get great material — while we understand that Jensen got to play at least a modified version of his own character in the past (remember karaoke-singing Demon Dean?), this is clearly a beast unto its own.

Obviously, we’ve got a pretty phenomenal tease now as to what one of the main drives for the upcoming season could be: Seeing if it is possible at all to get Michael out of Dean’s body. We certainly think that he is going to be rather resistant to departing and it may not even matter how strong of a character Dean is. It will easily cause Sam to be more determined than ever and hopefully, many of the show’s super-strong supporting cast will be involved in its own way.

If you judge finales based on social-media reaction, it feels pretty darn clear that the Supernatural gang did a great job with this one. After all, the show was trending during the vast majority of the finale on Thursday night.

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