The Resident season 1 finale review: Did Dr. Bell actually do the right thing?

Resident episode 1 finaleFor most of The Resident season 1, we’ve seen a battle raging between Conrad Hawkins and Nic Nevin against Dr. Lane Hunter. They know that she’s exposed many patients to excessive chemotherapy and with that, put Chastain at great risk for the sake of her own career benefit.

Ultimately, though, during tonight’s finale we finally saw Conrad and Nic (recently released from prison) finally get some evidence that Dr. Bell could not ignore. As it turns out, Lane not only was over-exposing her patients, but she may have been giving chemotherapy to people who did not have cancer at all. This may also have included Lily and also a patient who was currently in the hospital.

What the doctors in this episode did was figure out a way in which to finally take down Lane using the best way they knew how — making some of her actions public and, by extension, forcing Dr. Bell’s hand. This is where Devon and his significant other came into play. They found a way to get the story of Lane out there and it wasn’t too long after that when the FBI came and officially arrested her.

At around the 50-minute mark in the finale, we started to think that the heroes had actually won for a change. Following this, Dr. Bell had to come out and face the media. He’s still getting out of this fairly scot-free when it comes to some of his own actions at the hospital. He took more of the credit than he really deserved but, for now, the team had to take this as a moral victory.

AJ’s latest operation

Let’s just say that this one was personal. After Mina got a little too involved with a former patient in Micah and it turned out that his body was not accepting his heart, she found herself in a position where The Raptor forced her to operate on him. Basically, he wanted her to admit to having feelings. The problem here over time was that these feelings impacted her ability to operate and, for a moment, it almost felt as though he wasn’t going to make it. Ultimately, though, Micah survived and Dr. Okafor has a chance now to move forward.

The final aftermath

After everything that happened in this episode Conrad and Nic celebrated in the only way they knew how in the moment — by making out in the lounge. However, they were called away by more patients. The show, as always, must go on for them.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bell ended the finale by getting a round of applause from the hospital board that he certainly does not deserve. Of course, here’s where things get fun: It turns out that Conrad’s father is now chairman of the board. That should get interesting, shouldn’t it?

CarterMatt Verdict

The Resident remains an amazing show and this was an amazing finale. It was intense and yet, a nice culmination of everything that we’ve had a chance to see this season. Lane Hunter was defeated and now, Chastain can move forward … though it’s not going to be easy. There are always going to be more patients and with that, more problems.

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