Madam Secretary season 4 episode 21 review: The trouble with Turkey

Madam SecretaryAfter watching Madam Secretary season 4 episode 21 as a whole, there is one word we would use to describe the story as a whole: Incomplete. We saw over the course of the hour an escalation of a conflict, one that is getting ever closer to relationships between US and Russia crumbling.

What happened? Let’s just say that a mass loss of Russian lives took place at the end of the episode, the end result of an operation in and around Turkey. In true Madam Secretary fashion most of the episode focused on trying to find a diplomatic solution to some of the problems. Unfortunately, in this case what we ended up seeing was a military strike that now puts Conrad and Elizabeth both in a tough spot. If America doesn’t do something on the other side of the attack, the state of things with Russia and America could go to ruins. Yet, that could lead to an even larger loss of life.

We know that, for the most part, Madam Secretary is a positive and hopeful show. Unfortunately, we don’t know how this conflict is going to be resolved in a particularly peaceful way at all. It’s something to watch for over the course of the finale. Elizabeth’s legacy is now riding on this and if she does ever want to be President, this is the sort of conflict that could stick with her and cause her chances to be completely sunken.

Aside from the main conflict of the episode, a big part of what we enjoyed the most tonight was getting a chance to see Russell trying to figure out how to de-stress and change his life a little bit after his recent string of health problems. This is a guy who can’t keep living on the brink of a heart attack, which is why both Stevie and Henry in their own way tried to get through to him. As it turns out, Russell loves to make model planes, and there was something incredibly healing about watching in at the end of the episode sit down and piece together a ship out of the parts in a box. It was subtle and yet powerful — some of what Madam Secretary does best.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we would say that Madam Secretary season 4 episode 21 was the right combination of crisis and comfort for an episode airing this late in the season. There was a lot that we had a chance to see over the course of the hour, and with concerns of Russian – American conflict coming, Kat said it perfectly: This isn’t going to end well.

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