Chicago Fire season 6 finale review: Dawson, Severide make key decisions

Is Monica Raymund leavingThe Chicago Fire season 6 finale started off with Casey and Dawson starting become at a crossroads. The two had learned that if they try to conceive a child naturally, there is a chance that it could cause her serious health complications.

Unfortunately, conceiving a child is precisely what she wanted. She didn’t want anything more and, despite Casey’s protests, she had no interest in adoption after what happened with Louie. We do understand that, given that the last thing she wants is to be in a position where another baby is taken from her. However, in turn the last thing that Casey wants to do is be in a position where he loses his wife. Can’t you see where this stalemate is coming from at the moment? To say the least, this is an incredibly difficult situation. As we got closer to the end of the episode, Casey confronted her on the many decisions that she’s made without some of his input. (Heck of a performance by Jesse Spencer tonight, by the way.)

To make matters all the more dramatic, in the closing minutes Dawson had a big decision to make: Go to Puerto Rico and assist in the relief effort, or stay in Chicago in order to be a firefighter. After her argument with Casey, Dawson went back to the chief to get a little bit more insight when it comes to the Puerto Rico assignment.

Is Monica Raymund leaving Chicago Fire following this season? Nothing is for sure, but her contract is up…

We love Joe Cruz

We also love Joe Cruz understanding that there is the right place and the right time for confessions of romantic love. He wanted to give Brett a big romantic gesture tonight but after realizing that she was devastated after a tough stretch on the job, he knew the best thing for her instead was his friendship. He offered that and then some.

Why Kelly, why?

Remember when Renee Royce supposedly just wanted Severide to deliver some expertise for her case? As it turns out, what happened instead was her kissing him after he helped to ensure that her case was successful. We also think that she was very much impressed by seeing where he is in his life now … and on some level, he was impressed with her. Severide can’t let go of the past and this was another example of that.

Eventually, Stella visited Severide’s apartment in order to figure out what was going on, only to not find him there. As it turns out, he was waiting for her back at her place.

Boden’s future

We saw at the end of the first hour tonight his path to Commissioner be somewhat railroaded by an aggrandized report. In the second hour, Otis discovered some information that Grissom may be fudging some of the numbers. It seemed as though Grissom may be done, but it’s too early to say for sure that Boden is getting the job.

CarterMatt Verdict

Chicago Fire season 6 ended with a conclusion that is tough to swallow. While thoroughly compelling there are SO many questions. We don’t know if Kelly is going to tell Kidd about the kiss, or if Dawson is going to take the job … especially without talking to Casey about it. The same goes for Boden’s job status. Chicago Fire remains brilliant but we’ve got a long hiatus ahead.

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