MacGyver season 2 finale review: Meet Mac’s dad

MacGyver season 2 finaleMacGyver season 2 spent the vast majority of the year building up the story of Mac’s father. With that in mind, the show didn’t waste all that much time actually revealing the man behind the metaphorical mask.

As many speculated the moment that they read the press release for the episode, Oversight is not only Mac’s father, but the head of the Phoenix Foundation. He has spent years pulling the strings behind the scenes, working in secret to make sure that MacGyver had a proper venue in which to show off some of his extraordinary skills. We could understand why MacGyver would be mad about this, given the fact that he just learned in the finale tonight that someone has been pulling the strings secretly on his life for years and he hasn’t been in any real sort of control. The other thing here is that were he not sniffing around for the truth, there is a very good chance that he would have never heard about it.

Mac’s dad, as we came to know him during this episode, was rather cold and distant in some ways. He didn’t really need to leave the way that he did, even if he tried to justify it by proclaiming that it was all for the sake of “protecting” Mac and making sure that nobody came after him … including the villain at the heart of the hour. That was Walsh, Oversight’s former partner and a guy who developed a criminal empire of his own. He was working with a cartel and he basically trapped Mac’s dad over the course of the episode and put him in a position where his father’s future was on the line.

Luckily, it turns out that Oversight is every bit as resourceful as his song and the two were able to work together in order to take down some of the cartel soldiers who eventually trapped them. Even with that, though, it still didn’t look like these two guys were going to get out of this situation alive. That’s where they had a heart-to-heart and we learned the first of many surprises: Oversight didn’t plant any of the evidence leading Mac to him. As it turned out, that was Matty who dropped a number of breadcrumbs over time. She took a huge risk in order to ensure that the two parties would eventually reunite, and while she didn’t admit to it we’re fairly sure the hug speaks for itself.

The bad news

Walsh is still technically out there, and to go along with that he is actually just working for someone else.

On the relationship side, it turns out that Leanna is coming to work at the Phoenix Foundation! That means that Bozer may be able to keep his relationship going for a while. Meanwhile, Riley and Billy Colton still have some talks to make about the future.

Finally, here’s the other bad news: Mac is still quitting. Even though he got a chance to work with Oversight, he wasn’t altogether interested in working for a many he did not trust. That is your cliffhanger for the summer and it’s a good one.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The humor in this episode came in getting a chance to see MacGyver learn about someone who was in many ways a reflection of himself. He probably learned more about himself working with his father than almost any other Phoenix case this year.

If you love MacGyver, this was a finale worthy of all expectations. It also raises many interesting possibilities for season 3.

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