NCIS: New Orleans season 4 episode 21 review: Gregorio vs. Claire McDermott

NCIS: New Orleans season 4 episode 21NCIS: New Orleans season 4 episode 21 brought us a heck of a story on Tuesday night and, to go along with that, a fantastic villain in Claire McDermott. At one time, Claire was Tammy Gregorio’s former behavior science professor. With that in mind, what we saw over the course of the episode tonight was what happens when the past comes back to haunt you.

As it turns out, Claire was a brutal serial killer who ended up committing crimes in a way similar to Tammy’s FBI training. She spent a good bit of the episode in pursuit of the killer; however, at the end of the episode she found herself captured by her and tormented. Her darkest secrets came out, and by the end of the episode it appeared as though she was primed for a gruesome death. The team was closing in on her location in order to help her, but there was also one other thing that Claire didn’t seem to realize — just how much of a force of nature Gregorio really is. She ended up breakign free from her restraints and almost killed Claire before the arrival of Pride and the rest of the team. They comforted her, Claire was arrested, and with that, everyone can breathe easier.

Now moving forward, what we wonder is this: Are we really seeing the end of the road for Claire? This was one of the most terrifying villains that we’ve seen on the show and with that, there is a definite cause for concern if she finds a way to get out of prison.

For the time being, though, what a great spotlight for Vanessa Ferlito and for the NCIS: New Orleans writers to come up with an adversary who was different than some of the other enemies we’ve seen over the years. This was deeply personal and it only got more so as time went along.

At the end of the case, Gregorio settled in with Sebastian as the two parties enjoyed a movie together — it seems as though she’s going to get all the time she needs to recover from what happened, but don’t take this as any sort of sign that the character is leaving the show. We’ve got a good feeling she’ll be back in due time. (We don’t need another Percy situation.)

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CarterMatt Verdict

In between a great villain, some super-rich drama, and moments where it’s understandable if you were genuinely terrified, this is exactly NCIS: New Orleans at its best — and also its most frightening overall. This was absolutely a great episode and way to kick off the final stretch of the season.

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