As The Resident keeps improving, so does its future on Fox

The Resident episode 4We’ll admit that in the early going, it was a little challenging to come up with a fully-formed opinion about The Resident other than that it had a chance to be yet another medical show in a sea of really good medical shows that are out there. The first few episodes gave us a sense of some of the characters, but they didn’t give us a full sense of the depth.

While it could have come in as big and bold as possible, The Resident didn’t choose to play its cards right away, especially when it came to the characters of Dr. Lane Hunter and Dr. Bell. The writers established those characters and their flaws before letting things careen out of control. Because of the investment we have in these people, and in some of the long-term stories including the quest to stop Lane and her improper treatments, we now may have more consistent week-to-week investment in this series than any other within the genre. Whoever knew that we would have a medical show with such identifiable Big Bads, especially when these said Big Bads are doctors themselves?

What The Resident is really doing over the course of this first season is telling a story that shows that there are good people and bad people within the medical profession, and that doing away with some of them is not always an easy thing to do. This is a medical show that feels almost like a comic-book show that way.

Through this arc, we do think that The Resident has made its case for a season 2 in a way that we can be incredibly blunt about it. We hope some people who watched the first episode and none of the others get a chance to catch back up someday, just as we hope that Fox really does a stronger job of selling what makes this show stand out from the field. That was part of the struggle in the early going this season — it was still hard to paint a full picture as to what was going to happen. Part of that may just be the standard sheen that comes with a medical series but now, some of that sheen is clearly starting to come off. The Resident is gutsy, addicting, and performing fairly consistently in the ratings right now. It’s a show that Fox should take a hard look at when formulating some of their renewal decisions.

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