The Flash season 4 debate: Could Marlize kill DeVoe by end of season?

MarlizeWhile trying to figure out the endgame for one Clifford DeVoe on The Flash is a rather-difficult proposition, we would also argue that the same can be said for trying to figure out whatever is going on with his wife Marlize at the same time. She’s established herself as a brilliant, formidable character, but unfortunately one who has also become a victim over time to a cause that she didn’t quite sign up for entirely.

As we’ve seen on a few different occasions this season, Clifford has taken to drugging his wife on a few occasions so that she will continue to work with him without really questioning any of his actions. Meanwhile, we’ve also seen him grow increasingly distant from him romantically. She is not really offering him anything other than a set of skills so that he can achieve his final endgame.

So where could her story end up going as a result of where it is in the present? There are a few interesting different scenarios to think about.

1. Marlize kills Clifford – Even though DeVoe may know that she is starting to question him, at the same time there’s a big difference between questioning someone and wanting to kill them. She could be a character who actually manages to catch him off-guard. It would probably take more despicable actions on his part but it definitely is still something that we could see happening.

2. Marlize betrays Clifford – This would be just as interesting an end to us as her ending up killing him, mostly because his behavior could cause such a reaction that he did not predict. We’ve already seen that DeVoe struggles to contemplate emotional reactions, so if Marlize makes a move like this out of anger he may not see it coming.

3. DeVoe kills Marlize – If this is what he chooses to do after she finishes whatever she is needed for to complete his enlightenment, this would mostly be a testament to A) how terrible he is and B) how much he does not care about anyone else. This would be the least favorable outcome, though, if for no other reason than that we’ve seen her go through so much already. Doesn’t she deserve some sort of win at this point?

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