The Big Bang Theory season 11 finale spoilers: Amy’s parents revealed

Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 19Even though The Big Bang Theory season 11 had already revealed the guest cast for the finale, there were still some questions that CarterMatt had, but it mostly revolved around who some of these actors were going to be playing.

Today we have an opportunity to fill in some of the cracks and get a sense of how this is all going to shake out. According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, Kathy Bates is going to be the new version of Amy’s mother. We say “new” because Annie O’Donnell actually played the character previously via a Skype call in the past. It’s not that unusual for a character like this to be recast, especially when you think of what the producers are ultimately recasting it for — the season 11 finale is one of the biggest moments in the lives of Sheldon and Amy, as the two are getting married after many years of buildup. You don’t shy away from casting someone like Kathy Bates if you get a chance to do so! This is the third Chuck Lorre series over the past couple of years that she has been a part of. Previously, she was the star of the short-lived pot comedy Disjointed and before that, she made a small appearance on Two and a Half Men as Charlie Harper (and that’s long story for another time).

Meanwhile, magician Teller of Penn & Teller fame is actually going to be playing the part of Amy’s father. What’s so fascinating about this is that within his magic act, one of the real calling cards of teller is that he doesn’t speak. Given that Amy mother’s is described as an overbearing character, is it possible that something similar happens here? We wouldn’t be all that shocked and it would make for some really funny moments.

The one downside of getting to see so many guest stars in the finale is mostly that we don’t have all that many opportunities to get to know anyone on an individual level. We’re going to be seeing everyone at the same time and it’ll be great to have them, but we wish there was a little more time for everyone.

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