Chicago Med season 3 episode 17 review: Is Ava dating Connor’s dad?

Chicago Med season 3 episode 10There were many different stories that played out over the course of Chicago Med season 3 episode 17, but the one that surprisingly stood out the most was the one about Ava and Connor. Finally, the two are laying out their cards on the cable, and these actually are some rather surprising cards.

For most of the episode tonight, it appeared as though Ava was actually dating Connor’s father, which as it turns out, was something that she really wanted him to think. Was this a little manipulative? Sure, but for the sake of us getting to have a good time we don’t mind it … especially since it led to Connor admitting to having feelings for her. Apparently, she does feel the same. Maybe this doesn’t mean that the two parties are a couple just yet, but they are closer to being one than we expected at this point.

As for some other updates when it comes to romance within the Chicago Med world, Will and Natalie spent the majority of the episode at odds with each other — yet, by the end of the hour they started to get on better terms with each other. They’re starting to thaw some of the ice, but that still doesn’t change what Connor did at the bar.

There were two themes of this episode overall — relationships and families. When it comes to family, we saw that in two different forms.

Sarah Reese – She spent much of the episode trying to come to terms with the fact that her father could be dying by the end of the hour — yet, at the end her decision to tell Connor to go through with a heart transplant may be the thing that ends up saving him. She encouraged him to go for it and now there is a little bit of light on the horizon for this man where there probably wasn’t previously.

Ethan Choi – While the relationship between himself and his sister is not on perfectly-stable ground just yet, it did turn out that her previously-unknown experiences being homeless were valuable in trying his new patient — a young homeless kid who was looking for guidance. This allowed her to be useful in the case but beyond that, helped the two to grow on an individual level.


Chicago Med season 3 episode 17 as per usual had a lot going on, and we would say that the romance storylines were certainly prominent in a way that they often aren’t. Yet, this is the end of the season and with that in mind, we are cool with it. This was a really solid episode that pulled on the heartstrings in a few different ways.

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