Outlander season 4: The wait for Lizzie Wemyss

Outlander season 4This past week, we brought you the news that Alec Newman was set to play the character of Joseph Wemyss on Outlander season 4 — now, we of course have questions in regards to Lizzie.

Has this character already been cast? It’s certainly possible, but there’s nothing close to confirmation just yet and we like to wait to ensure that we’ve got the right person attached to the role. One thing does feel pretty clear, though: We’re going to be seeing these character at some point in the story. Why would you introduce Lizzie’s father and not also bring in Lizzie herself? She’s got a prominent part in Drums of Autumn and could serve as a good companion for Brianna for some of her journey.

In the books, Lizzie serves as a handmaiden to Brianna as she makes the journey from Scotland over to America, and while aboard a ship suffers a serious health crisis due to malaria. She does eventually survive, and ends up having a role in many different Diana Gabaldon books as a part of the Fraser’s Ridge community.

Is Lizzie the only character from Drums of Autumn not officially cast for Outlander season 4? Far from it; there are many other roles and hopefully some of them make it onto the show, as well! The challenge with figuring some of these out in advance is that many filming days are in sets away from the public; beyond that, many of the actors cast are not immediately recognizable. Starz doesn’t always have a habit of introducing some of its new performers during filming, though they did do that when it comes to Maria Doyle Kennedy (Aunt Jocasta) and Ed Speleers (Stephen Bonnet). Hopefully, some others will be announced over the summer. We’re pretty confident with almost anyone the casting time finds; they’ve earned that via what they’ve done over the years.

With Lizzie, the series absolutely needs to find a skilled performer with the ability and flexibility to take on the role for multiple seasons. This is a character whose story could make it very far into the series; remember, not even the most diehard of book fans knows how the tale will end yet! There are two more books by Gabaldon still on the way.

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