Bosch season 4 finale review: Did Bosch get justice for Eleanor and his mother?

Bosch season 4We are at the end of the road for Bosch season 4 and what an incredible journey it’s been. We have had some beautiful performances from Titus Welliver and Madison Lintz as well as some compelling stories like what happened to Eleanor Wish, the Elias murder and Bosch possibly getting some justice for his mother. We know that all good things must come to an end, but this season just went by so fast for us – always happens when you have a show as good as this one. Let’s see how it all wraps up and what storylines they leave dangling for season 5!

Is Jerry getting back together with his ex-wife?

Things have mostly been going really well for these two as they have been spending a lot of time together – so much time in fact that their kids basically feel that Jerry should move home immediately if not sooner (and Jerry also agrees). When he broaches the subject with LaTonya she tells him that she doesn’t want to move forward any further then they have and that includes him moving back to the house. While Jerry’s past infidelity is what got them divorced in the first place, his job has taken a toll on them as well and while he’s said things like he’s even willing to quit, she doesn’t want to give anything more to the relationship then what she has. Some things can never be fully mended, but we won’t stop hoping that these two get back together in season 5!

Justice for Eleanor

Bosch took down one of the suspects that killed Eleanor in the last episode but the other man (Eddie) got away. He tracked down Eddie with the help of FBI agent Calvin Moy, but he was already dead leaving only Chen left. They track him down to an airstrip but it’s too late – he’s already boarding a private jet and flying away. Bosch didn’t get the justice he wanted and he takes little comfort in knowing that once Chen gets back home that he will likely be facing some severe punishment from the government for the chaos he created exposing a covert operation. Bosch lifts Griffin’s phone and gives it to someone on the FBI task force that he trusts saying that Griffin took the photo Eleanor gave him of Chen and sent it to a Chinese intermediary who exposed it to the man who had Eleanor killed (got all that?). This is why Bosch has put most of the blame for Eleanor’s death squarely on Griffin. He’s hoping by exposing what Griffin did at the very least may get him demoted from his position of power.

Bosch faces Walker

The Mayor and Walker are putting pressure on Irving to remove Bosch from the Elias case thinking that they can get someone else in who will close this case in a way that satisfies everyone – quickly and without doubt. Irving has really been under a lot of pressure with this most of the season, so it was nice to see him have a win over the Mayor by exposing his close connection with Walker and how some of his campaign funds from Walker look a little shady.

Bosch may have Gabriella’s testimony and has found the way that Walker left the fundraiser, killed Elias and returned to the gala within 20 minutes, but there’s still not enough hard evidence to implicate him. He knows that unless he can put the gun that killed Elias in Walker’s hand that anything else won’t be enough to keep him tied to this crime. Power goes a long way.

With that in mind Bosch really needs to get his hands on the video tape Elias had as well as the gun that was used to kill Elias. After going through the items that Elias had on him the night he was killed, Bosch and Snyder find the video hidden inside a quarter. He tells Snyder not to reveal to anyone else that he’s found the video (which does implicate both Frank and Terry Drake), and he gives the video to Harris’ new legal representative with the agreement that when Bosch needs it for his case they will share it.

Bosch lures Walker down into the tunnels he used to kill Elias hoping that Walker will lead him to the gun and it works! Walker pulls the gun out of it’s hiding place and Bosch is there to arrest him. All Bosch wants is an admission from Walker that he killed his mother and Walker gives it to him in hopes of pushing Bosch into killing him, but it doesn’t work. Instead Jerry snuck into the tunnels, heard the confession and together they arrest Walker for Elias’ murder now that they have a confession and the murder weapon. Boom.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We loved this finale. It wrapped up the long standing mystery/justice for Bosch’s mother as well as giving us some kind of closure on Eleanor as well and that’s exactly what we wanted to see moving into season 5. Bosch has been chasing his mother’s killer for so many years and now that he finally has justice we are curious to know how this is going to change him as a man and as a cop moving forward into the next phase of his life. Season 4 of Bosch had everything we wanted and more – great case, shocking death, intimate moments and Bosch catching the bad guy. This has set the bar really high for season 5 and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

What did you think of the Bosch season 4 finale and are you already excited for season 5? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts.

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